Zikel, Lord of Destruction

Zikel, known as the Lord of Destruction, is one of the Empyrean Lords. He is a follower of Azphel, and after the Cataclysm became a Shedim Lord.

Character Edit

He is intrepid and arrogant, symbolized by destruction, and the lord of the Gladiator class. He acts on anything without reserve and can even be violent due to a lack of self-control. He is skillful at handling any kind of weapon, but particularly excels with swords.

The right arm of Azphel, who always understands his lord's will better than anybody, Zikel implements and executes Azphel's commands without hesitation. He tends to look down on everybody other than his leader. 

Despite his carelessness and rash actions, Lord Zikel cares about his people more than anybody. His feelings of loyalty and conviction is translated to the hearts of all Asmodian soldiers.

History Edit


Deltras' meeting with Zikel.

He harbors the deepest hatred towards the Balaur and the Seraphim Lords, and he is especially on bad terms with Nezekan, who before the Cataclysm was a rival of his. Out of all the Dragon Lords, Meslamtaeda would be best described as Zikel's rival and counterpart within the Balaur: both are hot tempered and rash.

When Deltras and his followers from the Legion of Storm, Nezekan's dedicated Legion, appeared from the Abyss, Zikel caught them and attempted to make them renounce their allegiance. Seeing as the legion remained sworn to Nezekan, Zinel instead began to insult the Empyrean Lord, provoking the legion into attacking. As Deltras struck Zikel the Empyrean Lord instead felled him, and ordered the massacre of the legion. Out of the ten legionaries that managed to escaped Asmodae only two managed to make their way back to Elysea and give their report. Zikel's actions were the provocation for the Abyss War.

A few surviving legionaries who did not manage to escape Asmodae scattered across the Salintus Desert. Scared and weak, they sought refuge by Asmodian humans. Succumbing to pity, the villagers hid the Elyos from Lord Zikel, but they were discovered instantly. Without mercy and filled with rage, Zikel executed the remaining Elyos in the village square. Feeling even more angered by the betrayal by fellow Asmodians, he cursed the villagers, turning them into Kentari.

Zikel strongly disagreed with the idea of peace with the Balaur, and this resentment has only grown in the intervening centuries. Because of this resentment, he will draw his blade to any Balaur or Elyos without hesitation.

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