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Moreinen is upset that her boyfriend Eramir isn't coming to visit her. She's tired of always being the one to visit him. Deliver Moreinen's ultimatum to Eramir.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, go talk to Eramir at the Airship Dock.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Humans achieve so much in their short lives. They study, work, love, marry, and raise children. For most of a Human lifetime I've done only one thing--study.
"And now, I respect Humans more than I ever have. You see...I've fallen in love. I can't think about anything else. How do they cope? How do they manage to deal with all of that emotion?"
1.png "It's all part of being Human."
"You know the old saying "opposites attract"? I always thought that was just a clumsy device for writers of dreadful romantic fiction. But I understand now.
My idea of a good time is a tall stack of books in the Temple of Knowledge. But Eramir wants to drink and party every night.
It's amazing that we managed to meet at all, to be honest. We live on opposite sides of Pandaemonium."
1.png "Maybe it was fate."
"Perhaps it was. At first we could spend all day just gazing into each other's eyes. But now it seems all we have time to do is fight. Eramir is so busy hitting every party in Pandaemonium that he never bothers to come and see me!
The Encyclopedia of Love says the most important factor in love is power. The dominant partner is the one who decides who visits whom.
I refuse to be the submissive partner in this, . I've got to give Eramir an ultimatum. Either he drags himself over here to see me or it's over!"


"Oh would you? That would be wonderful! Eramir will be at the Airship Dock. He likes busy crowded places.
You don't have to go into detail. Just tell him that Moreinen wants him to come to the Temple of Knowledge. And she isn't going to be the one to visit him this time. And he should hurry it up if she's important to him.
The last time I saw him was three days ago. If he doesn't come to see me now, I...I guess it means he's found someone else."
X.png "I'll go see him."


"Oh, please don't be like that! I have to ask someone....
How can I go to the Airship Dock myself to tell him that I won't be coming to the Airship Dock to see him? I'd look like a complete idiot!
X.png "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Yes? What can I do for you?"
1.png "Moreinen says you must come to her."
"She wants me to visit her at the Temple of Knowledge?!
Oh, man, I hate libraries. Just the smell of the place--the weight of millions of dead words crashing down on you...
But...if she wants to see me, I guess I can suck it up. Thanks for letting me know."


Moreinen had devoted her life to studying in the Temple of Knowledge, but she fell in love with Eramir, a Daeva of Amusement. Eventually she became unhappy that he did not visit her enough.

She asked you to deliver her message--if Eramir didn't come to the Temple of Knowledge to see her, she would break up with him.

When you conveyed her message, Eramir said that he would visit her.

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