Get rid of the Worgs around the village so the townsfolk stay safe.

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The worgs are right outside the northeast exit of Alsig Village. Kill the required 10 and return to Raukus.

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"They were a nuisance at Alsig Crossroads, but now they prowl our walls....
Oh, I'm sorry! Worgs.
Once they scent food, they never quit 'til they're sated or dead. And there they are, right outside town!"
1 "So hunt them."
"<Letum> assures us she plans to. Once we're ready, whenever that means. She's a fine leader, but far too cautious.
She and her council talk and talk and never act! I'm ready now, but she only listens to her council.
I wonder if action would persuade her. Could you kill some of the Heartless Worgs?"

Accept Edit

"These Heartless Worgs roam the outskirts of the village. They'll jump you as soon as they see you.
Once you've killed them, tell me and I'll give Letum the good news!"
X "Won't take long."

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"Wait, I wasn't speaking against Letum!
Just listen a moment. I asked a favor because I worry about our village's safety!
Don't put words in my mouth."
X "Someone's safety, sure."

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"I wonder if it's the Viragos... Oh, hey!
I was just thinking out loud about what drove the Worgs so close to town. Do you think the Viragos in the hills...?
Anyway, have you cleared them out?"
1 "Was there doubt?"
"Yes, you must have! I can't hear their cursed howling.
Thank you for doing what our leader would not.
Here is a reward for your bravery!"

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Raukus was frustrated with Letum's slow reaction to the Worgs outside the town walls.

You killed the Worgs near the village. He thanked you for taking action.

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