A Windstream

A purple windstream in Inggison.

Windstreams are a naturally occurring phenomena unique to Balaurea. They are intertwined with Aether and support gliding for long periods of time. When Daevas enter these windstreams, they are carried in the direction of the stream. As such, they provide a mode of travel throughout Gelkmaros, Inggison, and Tiamaranta.

Using Windstreams Edit

  • Windstreams can only be entered while gliding. Daevas would have to find a location above the windstream and glide into it.
  • Daeva's flight timer is not used whilst in the windstream. Daevas cannot attack or be attacked when in one.
  • Some windstreams are stronger than others. Blue windstreams are powerful, and cannot be left until the windstream has run its path. Purple windstreams are weaker, however, so Daevas can leave them wherever they please. Daevas can leave purple windstreams by simply changing direction, or jumping.
  • Daevas who leave purple windstreams with a change in direction will simply glide away. Daevas who break from the windstream by jumping will start to fall.
  • While in a windstream, pressing the 'R' key allows for a quick burst of speed. This can be used once every 20 seconds.
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