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Order: Find Rae, the boss's missing daughter.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


This campaign quest becomes available upon completion of all other campaign quests in Ishalgen. Rae is missing again and you are charged with finding her. Nobekk explained that she was talking to Derot before she disappeared, so travel to Anturoon Sentry Post to interrogate him. Travel to the Dubaro Vine Canyon to talk to Nalto about the sapphire and Raes' whereabouts. Nalto explains how Rae was taken by the Mau, now you must travel to the Mau base and find Rae located just outside the cave where The Abyss Gate is located. After speaking to Rae, you learn you must disable the three generators to destroy the Abyss Gate. Once done report back to Rae and Ulgorn to complete.


Initial Dialogue[]

"[Player Name], it seems that you are one of the few raiders here that I can truly rely on.
Your work for us has been exemplary, but now I must ask you to complete one last mission for us...
...and for me. It's Rae. She's disappeared again."
1.png "You need me to find her?"
"Yes, I do. She's a nuisance sometimes, but she will always be my daughter. I cannot sit back and watch when she gets in trouble.
And I fear she'll get hurt long before she realizes that she isn't invincible.
She's my only child, [Player Name]. Please, you must find her."
1.png "Blood for blood! Where should I start?"
"Speak to Nobekk about that.
I ordered him to watch over Rae while she goes on her little expeditions, but she's getting good at giving him the slip."
1.png "I'll find her."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"I know why you're here, [Player Class].
I saw you talking to the boss. You're here to teach me a lesson, right?
Go on then, do your worst."
1.png "I just need to find Rae."
"Oh! I was sure the boss sent you to punish me.
As for Rae, you're better off speakin' with Derot. I saw him talking with her shortly before she disappeared.
He'll probably deny all knowledge of their meeting, but I'm sure a powerful [Player Class] like you could "help" him remember...."
1.png "We'll see."
"You're here to ask about Rae, aren't you?
Ain't seen her. Sorry, friend.
Go on, flitter back to Nobekk."
1.png "I can tell when you lie, Derot."
"Look, I don't know what you're talking about. I ain't seen that stupid princess in days.
Why are you starting at me? Stop it!
Damn you, [Player Class]. Look, all I know is that she's after a legendary jewel belonging to the Mau. It's a blue sapphire, and somehow Rae knows where they keep it."
1.png "Tell me more."


"Dubaro Vine Canyon is where the Mau store their Odella.
The violet sapphire should be in there somewhere."
"Look, you need to speak with Nalto.
Rae heard the sapphire was somewhere in the Dubaro Vine Canyon. Nalto knows more about that area than any of us. I saw them heading off together just before Rae disappeared.
That's all I know! I swear! And please, don't tell the boss I was involved in any of this."
1.png "We'll see."

Green Power Generator.

Blue Power Generator.

Violet Power Generator.

Ishalgen Abyss Gate located in Hatata's Hideout.

"We're gonna be in deep trouble!
The Mau have taken the girl.
They've taken Rae!"
1.png "How? What happened?"
"Look, don't blame me--it's the girl! She's too headstrong for her own good!
Yesterday Rae came to me asking about Dubaro Vine Canyon and whether I'd take her there. Naturally, I said no. Then she started whining--and boy, does she know how to whine.
So I gave in, and when we got there, she said she wanted to go lookin' for the blue sapphire. I said no again, and in the middle of her tantrum, a Mau patrol showed up!"
1.png "What did you do?"
"I hid behind a tree, and Rae jumped into a wagon--hid under the tarp.
Turns out the Mau "patrol" wasn't a patrol after all. They were just there for the wagons. The Mau took 'em one by one. Without realizin' it, they wheeled Ulgorn's daughter right into the base.
As soon as the Mau realize what they have in their paws, they'll likely claw the poor girl apart. You have to get her out of there!"
1.png "I'll see what I can do."
"You there! You're one of my father's raiders--I met you back at the witch's shack!
The Mau aren't here just to defend themselves. It's something much, much worse. I overheard some of them talking, an I think they're trying to call the Balaur back from the Abyss!
Look--there! See the red light? It's a portal, a gateway to the Abyss!"
1.png "I'll deal with it. Get back to your father."
"Ha! Don't be ridiculous!
It was me, Rae, that uncovered the Mau's secret plans, and it'll be me, Rae, that ends them!
I can take on anyone. I'm not scared. I'll take on a Mau, I'll take on a Ba--"
1.png "You can claim the glory later."
"Okay, it's a deal! Here's what you need to know: The red light is the actual gateway. It isn't open because the three generators don't have enough energy...yet.
The only way you can keep Asmodae safe is to destroy the generators. Do that, and the gateway can never open.
One last thing: If you get caught, don't tell them I'm here. You're expendable, [Player Name], not me."
1.png "We'll see. Wait here."
Rae (after destroying the generators)
"Oh, it's you! Thanks be to Aion!
You wrecked the generators, right? Don't tell me you came back without finishing the job."
1.png "It is done. The gateway is closed."
"Wow! Maybe you aren't as weak as I thought!
Quickly, tell me everything that happened! I need to know all the details so I can tell everyone back at the camp what I did!"
1.png "Here's what happened...."
"So you destroyed the green generator first without arousing suspicion, but when you approached the blue generator you were attacked by several Mau.
Then...Oh! You had to fight a huge Mau to destroy the violet generator.
Okay, [Player Name], time for you to walk back to camp. If my father asks, you couldn't find me. Understand?"
1.png "Right."

Reward Dialogue[]

"[Player Name]! Good to see you again!
Rae returned a little earlier, claiming she'd closed down a gateway to the Abyss! But when I questioned her about it, she seemed awfully vague on the details.
I know that a gateway was closed--my scouts already reported the news--yet I believe the real hero of the day was a certain [Player Class] standing right in front of me. Tell me what really happened."
1.png "Well, if you insist...."


"I went to Dubaro Vine Canyon to look for Rae and learned that the Mau were trying to summon the Balaur.
To stop the Abyss Gate from opening, I destroyed three Power Generators."
"Yes, you certainly saved Ishalgen. I am in your debt. As are we all.
To think that the Mau came so close to summoning the Balaur is truly terrifying. We'll have to make sure we keep a closer eye on their activities.
Please, [Player Name], take this reward. It is not much for the work you did, but I want you to have it all the same."


Rae, the boss's daughter, has gone missing again.

You queried the other raiders and found out that Rae went to Dubaro Vine Canyon to steal the Mau sapphire.

You found Rae, but she revealed a more serious threat: the Mau were planning to bring the Balaur to Ishalgen using the power of Aether.

You defeated the Mau and destroyed the Power Generators, closing the Abyss Gateway in the process.


  • This campaign quest will not be available until you've completed all campaign quests in Ishalgen.

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