Order: The boss's daughter, Rae, has disappeared! Get information from Nobekk and find out where she is.

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  • Xp 4,450 XP

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Nobekk tells the player that Rae has gone missing and suggests Dabi may have seen her. Meet with Dabi at the Sap Farm. Dabi explains that Rae was seen heading towards Verdandi. Verdandi asks the player to perform a few jobs for her first in exchange for information on Rae. Kill seven Whitefoot Daru then gather a spore pouch for her.

Verdandi, surprised that the player had not become a ribbit permanently, reads the players fortune in a cut scene which shows the player descending onto Ataxiar.

After speaking with Verdandi again, she explains that Rae was turned into a ribbit. Find the correct one, the <Cute Ribbit>, and free her of her spell. Finally, return to Ulgorn to explain what happened.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Thank Zikel you're here!
We've got a serious's Rae, the boss's kid. She's missing. and we need to find her before Ulgorn does something rash.
Yesterday she said she was going for a walk in the Munihele Forest, and no one's seen her since. Nobody noticed until she didn't show up for breakfast.
When I checked her room, I found a note on her bed. Said she wants to be a real raider, not just the boss's little girl.
I showed the note to Ulgorn, and he turned positively pale."
1 "Has she disappeared before?"
"Ah, Rae's always putting herself in harm's way and pestering us to take her along on raids. If we refuse, she tags along anyway.
But the boss don't want this life for her. Ulgorn wants her to stay in camp, study her books, and make a better life for herself.
But she's got raider blood, you know? You can see her father's glint in her eyes. Makes me kinda nervous."
1 "So she went to Munihele Forest?"
"Looks that way.
She's probably just lost in the forest. But her knack for finding trouble...
Start by checking with Dabi. He's overseeing the tree sap extraction at the edge of the forest. If the kid headed that way, Dabi might have seen her.
And hurry, [Player Name]. Ulgorn's pretty good at hiding his feelings, but it's only a matter of time before he does something drastic."
1 "On my way."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"You're looking for Rae, right? Figures.
Well, I can tell you where she isn't. I walked almost the entire forest between here and the Anturoon Crossing.
There's only one place left to check..."
1 "Where?"
"I wouldn't go near Verdandi's shack for a key to the Temple of Gold. I've heard she's a witch.
Come to think of it, Rae was talking about that witch a few days ago...
She asked me if I thought Verdandi had a crystal ball, bet me she could steal it. I told her to forget about it, but you know Rae..."
1 "Where is this witch?"
"Head deeper into the forest, and stick to the left as best you can until you see her shack. I don't think she ever leaves it, so you'll probably find her talking to those giant Ribbit things she keeps around.
I hope the kid hasn't gotten into trouble. Rae is one of the few things that can still make the boss smile.
But hurry! Verdandi isn't known for her patience."
1 "On my way!"
"What's this I smell? An intruder!
You carry the stink of Ulgorn's Raiders. I wonder whether the stench is coming from you or from your raider garb.
Time will tell, I suppose. What do you want?"
1 "I'm looking for Rae, daughter of Ulgorn."
"Daughter of Ulgorn? I thought she was just another spoiled brat. The daughter of your boss, I understand.
I found her with her grubby hands on my crystal ball. When I demanded it back, the little princess had the nerve to challenge me!
So I dealt with her."
1 "Dealt with her?"
Oh, don't worry, she's in perfect health..."
1 "I tire of your games, witch. Where is she?"
"Watch your mouth, [Player Class]. Now, a lesson in life: Nothing--and I mean nothing--is free. I'll tell you where your precious damsel is, but you must first do something for me.
I see the question in your unguarded mind. The answer is the Daru. They constantly eat the forest herbs I need for my...treatments.
Hunt seven Whitefoot Daru, then come back to me."
1 "I'll hold you to your word."
Verdandi (after hunting the Daru)
"You hunted the Whitefoot Daru, I assume?
Don't tell me you'd be stupid enough to return to me without completing such a simple task....
Well? Answer me!"
1 "I've done the task you gave me, witch."
Such hostility, and from such an ungainly [Player Class]!
I wasn't expecting more than ordinary competence from you, but it seems I was overly optimi--"
1 "Enough talk. Where's the girl?"
"You're blunt, but you keep your temper in check. How...intriguing. A raider with strength of mind. But Ulgorn will beat that out of you, I'm sure.
Well, then...the girl you seek, Rae, is here. She tried to steal from me. Now she lives the life of a Ribbit, eating dead Slyphen and rotting fruit. Clever, eh?
Don't worry, I can reverse the spell, but I need a Spore Pouch. Be a dear and get one for me, won't you?"
1 "Wait here."
Verdandi (returning with the Spore Pouch)
"Why are you still here?
You come here and harass me until I finally agree to turn this precious child of Ulgorn's back into a real live girl, and you can't even fetch the one small ingredient I require?
I need a Spore Pouch, [Player Class]. Now go!"
1 "I've got your ingredient."
"What? This must be some prank...
You got the Spore Pouch yourself? No one fetched it for you? But how did you remain untransformed?
If you touch a Sticky Mushroom, you turn into a Ribbit. That's where all these Ribbits came from--foolish intruders who crossed me.
What makes you different?"
1 "I changed, but then I changed back."
"You changed back? Unbelievable...yet here you are, with a Spore Pouch in hand.
What is your name, [Player Class]? Where did you come from? What were you...
No, your past doesn't matter. Something other than mere chance brought you here. Give me your hand."
1 "Why on Atreia would I do that?"
"Greater things are going on in this world than you can possibly comprehend. As we speak, winged immortals are warring above our very heads. I believe you may be...involved somehow....
Give me your hand, [Player Class], then close your eyes.
I'm going to read your future for you."
1 "Fine, but no more tricks."
"Strange. I can read only part of your future.
Still, I saw your form just as you did, soaring on wings through the Abyss. The Daeva's path stretches out before you, [Player Name]--an immortal life granted only to the greatest of Asmodians. I've never heard of the Shedim Lords choosing someone from such a...lowly background.
If you wish to learm more of your future, then you should speak to another Deava. One such creature exists nearby in Ishalgen, imprisoned within a crystal cell. His name is Munin, and you're destined to meet him."
1 "Have you forgotten why I'm here?"
"Have I forgotten...? Oh! The girl!
Since you're more than you seem, I'll pose one additional test. The girl you seek is one of the Ribbits around here. Use those sharp wits of yours to figure out which one.
Choose correctly and you save the day. Choose incorrectly and she's a Ribit for life. Take your time, [Player Name]."
1 "I'll save her."
"Agh! Bleugh! Sylphen guts! Ptt! Ptt! Eugh!
You! Hand me something I can wash my mouth out with! Do it now or I'll report you to my father! I'll hang on, I'm Human again! I cured myself! I knew I could do it! I'm Human again!
That stupid fortune teller has no power over me! I'm Rae, daughter of Ulgorn, and one of the finest raiders that ever lived!"
1 "Wait. Cured yourself?"
"You! Don't say a word!
I know what you're going to say! You're going to tell everyone that you rescued me from the scary old witch. Then my father is going to promote you, right?
Wrong! This never happened, understand? I'll run back to Aldelle first and tell everyone that I was wandering in the forest.
If you tell anyone otherwise, I'll have the witch turn you into a Ribbit too, and you can spend your life eating bugs! Got it?"
1 "We'll see about that."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]! Come closer--Rae came back earlier and told us she was wandering the forest the whole time.
But she specifically mentioned that she didn't see you. Curious, eh? I know my daughter, so I suspect you pulled her out of whatever trouble she was in. Rae is both impulsive and...less-than-trustworthy. That's why I don't want her following my footsteps.
Unfortunately, she seems determined to become a raider, despite my wishes and her mother's. My wife can't make her wishes known anymore, of course, but I like to think she's still watching over us, somehow."
1 "Blood for blood, boss."
"Blood for blood, indeed!
Without your help, who knows how long Rae would have been out there? I shudder to think.
Please, take this small token as a symbol of your service."

Summary Edit

The boss's daughter, Rae, is missing. You went to Dabi first, who said that she might have gone to the old witch.

The witch said she would help you if you would do her a favor.

You touched a mushroom while doing a favor for the witch and were transformed info a Ribbit, but quickly regained Human form.

The witch revealed that she'd also turned Rae into a Ribbit, but you found Rae and broke the spell.

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