Deliver Logi's Titanium Greatsword to Fraiban, a weapon merchant stationed in the Abyss.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver Logi's package to Fraiban.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Fraiban is located in Primum Landing. Once you've received the titanium greatsword, bring it to him for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], you're turning out worthy arms these days.
I'm always glad it's you fulfilling an order, and I'm stingy with praise.
And speaking of orders, I need a favor done."
1 "If I can, Master."
"I'm afraid it's sizable. Fraiban needs this titanium Greatsword in the Abyss. I sent him a crate of weapons four days ago, and he's already ordered more.
Actually, it's worrisome. Every other day more orders arrive. Strife in the Abyss is rising. I'd like to look in myself, but I might as well be welded right here.
If you would go in my stead, I'd owe you a debt."

Accept Edit

"Thank you. Fraiban will appreciate a smith bringing them personally.
He works out of Primum Landing. It's a lot safer than other places in the Abyss, but I'd keep your guard up.
Oops, nearly forgot the sword! Here you are."
X "Don't worry about it."

Decline Edit

"Fair enough. You're in high demand, I hear!
Back to the forges, young'un. Someone else can go.
Maybe Elgar could look after the forge,, better not, or I'd come back to a burned-out shell."
X "Best of luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I do apologize, [Player Name]. I've little in stock for a [Player Class].
Pandaemonium's smiths send me regular weapon shipments, but things are so brisk I probably have nothing left but my butter knife...
I shouldn't complain, though. I mean, I'm carting home Kinah."
1 "I have your package from Logi."
"Oh, he's good!
But you're also a smith, [Player Name]? Oh! I'm sorry. I had no idea! If I'd known, I'd have welcomed you properly!
You not only make them, you personally deliver them? Now that, my friend, is service!"

Summary Edit

Logi sent you with a package to Fraiban, a weapon merchant based at the Primum Landing.

When you arrived, Fraiban ranted on about short supplies before you stopped him.

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