Warehouses are used to store items that you do not wish to sell, but also do not wish to carry with you everywhere. When you find a Warehouse Keeper, you can access your Private Warehouse. Just like selling or trading, you can either drag the items to the storage area or right-click it from your inventory.

Your Main WarehouseEdit

As you probably quickly guessed, the warehouse is a convenient place for you to offload items that you want to keep but not carry. There are several situations in which you will not be able to place items inside your Private Warehouse. These items are most times associated with quests, but there are several exceptions that just can not be stored in the warehouse. These items will tell you where they can be stored when you hover over them with your mouse.

Account WarehouseEdit

Playing alternate characters on your account is a great way to experience the entire game. Plus, you may have a need for a specific character or class in grouping. It is only natural that you would want to keep some the best items for yourself. The easiest way to transfer items between characters is to add them to your Account Warehouse section. Again, there will be some items that can not be added to your Account Warehouse section. At this time, you can only have 16 spaces in your Account Warehouse.

Legion WarehouseEdit

In order for your Legion to grow, you will need a place to collect your funds and items for the good of the legion. Those who have the proper permissions can both deposit and remove items from the legion warehouse. It works the exact same way as the regular warehouse. That is to say, you can drag and drop or right click to move items around.

Expanding Your WarehouseEdit

You will have the opportunity to expand the available space of your warehouse. You can have up to 64 spaces in your warehouse. In order to gain more slots, you can click on Expand in your Warehouse Window. Depending on the state of control in the Abyss, the amount you pay to upgrade each level of your warehouse will change. To further expand your warehouse beyond this, some quests are required.

Asmodian quests
Elyos quests
Veteran Reward
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