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Void Cube, also known as Void Room, is a group instance for players of level 65 introduced in 4.0. Its entrance is located inside Silona Fortress in Danaria. It is a wide cubical chamber filled with Aether which used to be used as a storage for Ide by the Danuar.

Additionally, it offers a Legion's version, with boosted rewards, only open for members of the legion owning the fortress.

The instance was removed as of 4.8 along with the destruction of the regions in Balaurea.

Background Edit

Silona Basin was created after the great explosion that the Danuar accidentally set off while using their weapon. The Void Cube was not the worst hit, but it was certainly affected; the rooms were buoyed into the air, suspended in Aether. Researchers speculate that this Aether was what became of the Ide that was exposed to the explosion.

This was another ancient facility that caught Tiamat's eye, and therefore Beritra's too, after her downfall. Beritra's army made it their garrison while searching for the Danuar weapon, and to protect themselves they have installed special barrier doors in every room to block Aether energy, and, on the very lowest level, a large Idgel Cube with a trigger to collect residual Ide.

Walkthrough Edit

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Rewards Edit

RankReward Requirements
  • 10,000 points
  • 14 minutes left
  • 6,800 points
  • 10 minutes left
  • 5,700 points
  • 10 minutes left
  • 3,900 points
  • 5 minutes left
  • 1,800 points
  • 5 minutes left
F - -

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only instance to integrate flight to its environment.
  • At certain times of the day, the entrances to all 4.0 fortress instances, including this one, would appear in Kaisinel's Beacon and Danuar Spire in Katalam for all players, regardless of who owned their respective fortress.

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