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Viola (WedaKR/EU) is one of Empyrean Lady Ariel's agents. She is the commander of the Elyos forces in Iluma, overseeing and directing the faction's advancement into the region. Despite her youthful appearance, she is a highly experienced Daeva who has lived since before the Cataclysm. She seeks to stabilize the weakened Tower of Eternity, and accompanies the player(s) throughout all three instances found within. She acts as the Elyos counterpart to Peregrine.

Her backstory is explained in the "La Veroca" comic. From this it is learned that she is the niece of Pernos, and has a past involvement with the Archdaeva.

History Edit

Pre-Cataclysm Edit

In the years preceding the Cataclysm young Viola lived a rather hectic life, continuously having to flee with her parents from the villages they had settled down in as one after another came under attack by the Balaur. They eventually relocate to Nodel, a small Atreian village that was commanded by Viola's uncle Akarios. In this village Viola is introduced to a magical tree named the Veroca, which supposedly blooms after a long wait and signifies the start of good things when it does.

Viola and her parents live a peaceful life for eight years, even witnessing the first blossoming of the Veroca tree, but before long everything crumbles as Nodel is attacked by fierce band of Balaur led by Orissan. The attack quickly turns into a massacre, and even the return of Akarios and his men cannot turn the tide. Viola's parents are slain in front of her eyes, but moments before the same fate befalls her she is saved by the Archdaeva, who returns what would become her trademark pink doll to her.

For the next seven years Viola follows the Archdaeva as the latter travels across Atreia to rescue as many people as possible. Viola comes to greatly admire his bravery and noble intentions during this time, and becomes increasingly infatuated with him. At the age of 17 she volunteers to aid the Archdaeva in the fight against the Balaur but he refuses, not wishing to put her at risk. At this point Ariel appears and asks the Archdaeva to give her a chance, saying that she sees some sort of potential in the young girl. The Archdaeva is still reluctant, but adds that there might be a chance if she were to become a Daeva.

At some point during her training period Viola confronts the Archdaeva about a rumor she heard, that they would soon be calling for peace with the Balaur. After an initial pause the Archdaeva confirms that this is true, reassuring her that she needn't worry. Viola however is unable to shake off an uneasy feeling. At the same time the Archdaeva, unbeknownst to everyone, has a meeting with a certain robed individual.

On the day of the peace talks Viola is standing at the distance from the Tower with her uncle, but as as she waits for the Archdaeva's return a light signal is suddenly emitted from the tower, at which point the nearby legions all charge in. A distraught Viola asks her uncle what is happening, but the latter acts surprised as he asks Viola if she didn't know that the peace conference was a merely ruse meant to lure in and destroy the Dragon Lords. Before Viola has time to react a blinding light emerges from the Tower: the Cataclysm was now happening.

Post-Cataclysm Edit

Viola is shown to have survived the catastrophe, even having become a Daeva at some point. 50 years after the catastrophe she is still mourning the loss of the Archdaeva when she is suddenly greeted by a familiar voice: her uncle Akarios, long since thought to be dead. As it turns out Akarios also survived the Cataclysm but has lost his eternal youth after coming in too close proximity to the shattered Tower. Akarios tells Viola that he saw the light of the Archdaeva inside the Tower as the Cataclysm happened, and believes that he must still be alive somewhere. He thus asks Viola to join him in finding the Archdaeva. Akarios' own search for the Archdaeva has led him to join Deltras' Storm Legion, but Viola takes the loss of his eternal youth as a bad omen and pleads him to quit it. Akarios however refuses, saying that he feels he must fulfill his duty of finding the One.

One month later Akarios, now an old man, returns as one of the two survivors of the Storm Legion following its fatal expedition. Viola confronts her uncle once more and asks him to quit the path of a Guardian and move with her to a small village, a request to which he agrees.

In the following years Viola is happily living her daily life in Poeta. During this time she meets and befriends Pellen, and the two develop a special kind of relationship. At some point Viola asks Pellen if he would support her, saying that she feels "all of my goals wouldn't just be vague dreams if I could promise them with you", and the latter responds that he will.

Viola is next seen 100 years later. It has now been 150 years since the Cataclysm, and Viola has come to see Lady Ariel for the first time since their initial meeting. Viola tells the Lady that she has returned to find the Archdaeva. Later on she overhears a conversation between the Lady Ariel and Sanctum Governor Fasimedes, who informs her that the ongoing advance on Balaurea and Dragon Lord Tiamat has been complicated by the presence of the Asmodians and Shedim Lord Marchutan. When Viola inquires about what she heard just now Ariel responds by telling her that she has a special job she wants her to undertake.

Now in Iluma, Viola remarks to herself that the Veroca tree has already blossomed for the 20th time when Pellen approaches her and reports that the one she had been looking for has finally arrived, but that he has lost all memories of his past life. At this point the in-game 5.0 campaign begins.

Echoes of Eternity Edit

Viola works together with the (Archdaeva) player to stabilize the collapsing aetheric field surrounding the Tower, but when efforts to construct an artifact capable of doing so in the field are repeatedly hampered by the Asmodians she changes her approach to venturing into the Tower itself, and seeking to stabilize it from within. She accompanies the player on all three Tower incursions, and ultimately manages to stabilize the core of the tower with the help of the player and <Ganesh>.

After the restoration of the aetheric field she remains in Iluma. In the 5.8 campaign she works together with the player to devise a weapon capable of melting Ereshkigal's permafrost in the Upper Abyss, thus playing a major role in the (ultimately) successful attack on the Divine Fortress.

Awakened Legacy Edit

Although Iluma was destroyed during Ereshkigal's attack, Viola is shown to have survived the catastrophe. Lady Ariel assigned her to Lakrum with what remains of her Hymn of Aion legion. She now helps out Lady Yustiel's agents with their operations in the region.

Location Edit

  • Lakrum
    • Hymn of Aion Legion Garrison

Trivia Edit

  • In the comic it is revealed that she ascended at the age of 17.
  • Viola has been an incredibly popular NPC among players ever since her introduction, as is evidenced by her receiving an official three-chapter comic dedicated to her backstory. Her hairstyle and outfit have also gone on sale within the game.

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