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<Gaphyrk> told you how to detach the Seal from the stack. Take the Seal to Santenius as quickly as possible.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 32,400 XP

Optional Reward[]


<Gaphyrk> keeps his word and tells you how to dislodge the Village Seal from the stack of items in the Dukaki Mine. Once you have the Seal, return it to Santenius in Tolbas Village to complete this quest.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Shugos always keep their promises. Even when their hearts are broken.
You have no problems getting your seal now, no problems at all."
1.png "Thank you."
"Daeva should be happy. Daeva did not get caught, stuck in here with stupid, smelly Kobolds all for a love that abandons you! I'd even started preparing a home for us. For me and <Mimiti>.
Me and Mimiti, Mimiti and me. Sounds good, doesn't it? But it's no use.
Gaphyrk will just stay here. Too sad to do anything else, yes."
1.png "You'll feel better soon."
"Perhaps Daeva is right. Gaphyrk does not know.
You want seal, yes? If you do, take my advice. Daeva must to turn it. Keep turning, don't give up. Must be a hefty reward for it, to make you come here."


"Lucky Daeva get what they want. Gaphyrk gets nothing. Nothing!
Mimiti leaves me, and Gaphyrk is trapped here.
Nothing good ever happens to this Shugo. Stay here forever, I will. Stupid cheating luck."
X.png "Better luck come your way."


"Akakakakak! That's right, Daeva. No point getting your seal, no point in anything.
Might as well leave it all to the Kobolds. Let them stack everything up and stick it together. No use to me."
X.png "Nice outlook."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

Item Stack
(You grasp the seal and twist it suddenly.)
(The seal is fixed firmly in place though a few specks of dirt are falling from its edges. You try again, applying more force.)
1.png "I better use all my strength."
(The Seal breaks free from the stack. You lose your balance.)
1.png "Finally! Come here, you."

Reward Dialogue[]

"I'd like to report the theft of the seal, but with no seal to officiate the report....
It's a vicious circle. I do hope you bring good news, Daeva.
Perhaps, some development in the case of the missing seal?"
1.png "I have recovered the seal."
"You've done it! You've returned the Village Seal. This is wonderful, just wonderful.
I had complete faith in you. I feared those Kobolds might swarm and overpower you, but I knew you would emerge victorious.
You have restored the heart of Tolbas Village, [Player Name]! You will always find a friend in these parts."


Gaphyrk kept his word, and told you how to detach the Village Seal from the stack.

You went to Santenius with the Seal, and he was greatly relieved.

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