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Verdandi's Shack

Verdandi's Shack

Verdandi is an old lady living in an isolated house at Munihele Forest in Ishalgen. She is widely known to be a witch.



Involved in quests


"Before you raiders arrived, I lived in peace. The only disturbance was the occasional traveler wanting his fortune told. I could wander Ishalgen as I pleased.
Now, because of you curs, I live this hermit life. If I leave this shack, my things disappear!
Just last week someone stole a silver necklace from my cupboard. I can't leave my own home without losing the rest of my meager possessions."
1 "How do you know it was us?"
X "Tough break."
"Other than you and your raider friends, who else would steal from my home? Ribbits? Daru?
The stench of your ignorance is overpowering. Get downwind from me, before I make you regret coming to pester me!"
X "Farewell."
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