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Vandals/PaintersEU are physical damage dealers with the ability to use aether-infused paint to lockdown enemies as well as sustain considerable damage. They are one of the two possible subclasses which branch from the Muse class.

Class Summary[]

Vandals are a straightforward physical damage dealing class, relying on damaging their opponent before they overwhelm them. Due to the lack of protective or healing skills, they are able to dish out constant strong damage, as well as preventing their enemies from using their skills.


Before the Cataclysm, a Muse named Irnin first infused paint with Aether. With Lady Siel's support, he recruited and trained the first Vandals. However, after Siel's death during the Cataclysm, the fledgling class was scattered, and lost to history. They survived in the shadows, but their numbers were too few and their influence weak, and the world moved on without them. In Atreia's greatest hour of need since the Cataclysm, when Ereshkigal laid waste to vast areas of Asmodae and Elysea, the Vandals returned. Amidst the fire and chaos, many sacrificed themselves to save the innocent. In recognition of their skill and valor, Vandal training was officially established by decree of the Empyrean Lords.

Play Style[]


Vandals are the only class with the ability to use "beam" skills. They are single target attacks which inflict damage on the target overtime as long as the players maintain it, up to a maximum of 15 seconds. The skill is interrupted if the Vandal attempts using a different skill or they enter an altered state. They can still move freely, but with a greatly reduced movement speed.

Only one of these can be used at a time on the same target, in the case two Vandals attack the same mob. Doing so will cancel the effect from the original cast. If the target dodges the skill, the cast is cancelled completely.

Example of these skills are:

  • Angry Colors
  • Chromatic Time
  • Painful Paint





  • Consistently strong damage output
  • Strong lockdown potential
  • Low defenses
  • MP management required