<Vanar> asked you to deliver Bundle of Orders to Tobu because he had too much paperwork. Go to Tobu.

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  • Deliver the package including the fruit to <Tobu>.

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Talk with Vanar to receive the quest. Take the token to Tobu to receive the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"I still have a few reports to get through, but I'm done with the urgent ones. They need to be delivered to Tobu, second in command of the Ulgorn Raiders.
These reports are highly important, [Player Name]. Tobu and Ulgorn need to know that we're making progress on our quotas--that we're doing our job as raiders.
More to the point: Without these reports, none of us get paid come caravan-time."
1 "Who usually delivers the reports?"
"Usually I deliver them myself, [Player Class]!
But I'm so very busy.... Look, just take these up to Tobu, will you?
I'm including some of the fruits you collected as a gift for Tobu, so make sure you don't bruise them. These reports are a little late, so I'm hoping he'll consider the fruit my way of saying sorry.
Can you deliver the reports?"

Accept Edit

"Good. You should find Tobu in the center of Aldelle Village. He hardly ever leaves Ulgorn's side. So if you see the boss, you'll probably see Tobu.
Oh, and one last thing: Be sure to mention that I prepared the fruit. I'm tired of being on Tobu's bad side."
X "I'll mention you."

Decline Edit

"Oh, is a simple task beneath you?
Be careful who you cross, [Player Name]. I'm first in line to take over for Tobu when he decides to retire from raiding.
And once I'm second in command of the raiders, it'll be Vanar doling out the various jobs we all have to do.
Think of the worst possible duty, then imagine doing that every single day. Care to reconsider?"
X "Don't ever threaten me."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You must be the messenger Vanar sent. Am I right?
Hand me the reports, then. Let me see if I can decipher the idiot's handwriting..."
1 "Here they fruit from Vanar."
"Hah! He thinks he can charm me with a fruit basket? I'm an Ulgorn Raider! I have no desire for such softness as fruit baskets!
Listen closely, [Player Class]. You'd do well to distance yourself from that fool. Vanar can talk, but he's a coward and gets no respect from the others. If you want to make it as a raider, you need to display loyalty, grit, and ability. There's a good reason we stuck Vanar way out in the Aldelle Basin.
Anyway, thanks for the reports. I'll pass on whatever Ulgorn needs to see."


Vanar finished writing the urgent orders, but asked you to deliver them to Tobu instead because he still had much to do.

You delivered the package containing the orders and fruits to Tobu. However, Tobu was unimpressed with the fruit and advised you to steer clear of Vanar.

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