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An Ulgorn Raider at Aldelle Hill in Ishalgen. He is in charge of documenting order pages.



Starts quests


"I have a terrible headache from all these reports I've been writing.
The boss trusts me with this paperwork, so he keeps me away from the frontlines. I mean, I can't write reports with bandaged fingers, can I?
Actually, I'm practically guaranteed to be second in command once Tobu leaves us."
1 "You sound confident."
X "Good luck with that."
"Confident, yes. I'm a man who's going places, [Player Name].
Now, when I become Ulgorn's deputy, I'll need people who can take orders without question.
Think you fit the bill?"
X "Don't get ahead of yourself, Vanar."
With active quests
"Wait a minute! I have a job for you!
Oh never mind...I've forgotten it."

Trivia Edit

  • In this NPCs dialogue page in-game, there is a section of text he is supposed to say once you've ascended. Although, it seems the dialogue was never actually added to the NPC to show to the player. The dialogue was to be as follows:
"Greetings, Daeva!
I heard you ascended! Nothing like that ascended glow you all have about you.
Things are still the same here. Any day now though...any day, I will be second in command."
X "Good luck with that."
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