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Valendir is a bard found in Sanctum. If you ask him nicely, he will recite a poem for you.

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Starts quest

Dialogue Edit

"Daeva, you inspire me to write a poem.
Poetry composed on the spur of the moment has truth in it. Do you want to hear the sound of truth?"
1 "Speak your poem."
X "No, I don't. Farewell."
"Your fate was fragmented before you,
Your destiny shattered in twain.
The past that in safety once bore you, erased
from your staggering brain.
The thorns of the future shall gore you,
You face tribulation and pain.
Assailed by the foes who abhor you,
You struggle, but never in vain.
For new skies shall be opened up for you,
And the truth shall appear once again!"
X "..."

Quotes Edit

"All of Elysea shall come to their knees before [Player Name]'s name."
"Oh, there is no one greater than [Player Name]' under the skies of Atreia."
"Just looking at you makes me want to recite a poem, [Player Name]'."
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