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I'm just starting out in Aion, but I have played both FFXI Online and World of Warcraft Online, and I hope to contribute to the lower level quest pages as I accomplish them, and then move to more advanced subjects. I have created and edited quite a few pages thus far (always adding, never deleting anyone else's hard work of course), so please feel free to comment and let me know how they work for you.

Some Pages I've CreatedEdit


An Antidote for Roseino, Ancient Stone Fragment, Belbua's Treasure, Culling Krall, Delicate Mandrake, Gaphyrk's Love, Guide of Life, Hunting Lepharist Revolutionaries, Krall Desecration, List:Eltnen quests, Missing Poppy, Nola's Request, Odella Recipe, Odium in the Dukaki Settlement, Prologue (Asmodian), Prologue (Elyos) Pumpkin Season, Reducing Tursin Strength, Stolen Village Seal, The Forest Outlaw, Village Seal Found


Abydus, ‎ Aegist, ‎ Agamemnon, Akeri, Aktus, Alkestis, Andu, Angparinerk, Anteros, ‎ Arcinia, Arion, ‎ Atia, ‎ Aurnia, Ayurinrinerk, ‎ Bellasia, ‎ Benes, ‎ Beomas, Berus, Biesa, ‎ Coeus, ‎ Cornelius, Creusa, Curio, ‎ Daarunerk, ‎ Daphnis, Demodocos, ‎ Diana, ‎ Dimos, ‎ Dione, Elizar, Eradis, Ericina, Etere, Etonia, Ettamirel, Evestina, Faye, Fuchsia, Furinerk, Gaphyrk, Gerania, ‎ Gromoros, ‎ Hesione, Hether, Himeira, ‎ Himusus, Hygea, Inofe, Ipikio, Islene, ‎ Jaichinerk, Jairinerk, Jhaelas, Jooma, Judisina, Jupion, Kalipyerk, Kane, ‎ Kreon, Kumnen, ‎ Lamid, ‎ Lampard, ‎ Laokones, Latri, ‎ Lavirintos, ‎ Layla, Leinon, Leno, Likesan, Losadis, Luelas, Maenia, ‎ Maire, Manuka, ‎ Margela, Minyae, Miragent's Holy Templar, Miriya, Myrtil, Nagirunerk,‎ Nemia, Nephalion, ‎ Nestor, ‎ Nianalo, Nitato, ‎ Nola, Noris, Numakas, ‎ Octavia, Ondanius, Palentine, Palentine, Persate, Phogus, ‎ Proserpina, Pulo, Pusfene, Quintus, Rebbana, Regmos, ‎ Rinurinirerk, ‎ Ruoshinerk, ‎ Sabotes, Santenius, Seirenia, ‎ Senarinrinerk, Shoshinerk, ‎ Sibylle, ‎ Soana, Tacitus, ‎ Taraerinerk, Thersites, ‎ Thrasymedes, Tieco, ‎ Tigares, Tunotos, Utsida, ‎ Vulcanus, Xenophon, ‎ Zakeron, Zumia


Lightningfoot Tuka, Mimiti, Starving Worg, Violent Worg


The majority of the Rift article, Cube Artisan, DPS, Damage, Equipment, Event, Fergus McGreedy's Little Headache, Food and Drink,‎ Harvest Revel, Legion Emblem, Legion Warehouse, Server, Skill, Socket, Solorius Festival, Soul Binding, Spell, Warehouse


Altgard, Eltnen, Library of the Sages


Broiled Elroco, Elemental Stone of Resurrection, Fried Tog, Kukuru Omelette, Kukuru, Lesser Anti-Shock Scroll, Mela Juice, Mela Salad, Potcrab Soup, [[Roast Porgus, Roast Starcrab, Rubus Curry, Savory Junia, Savory Mela, Spicy Potcrab

Books (code written from scratch, book text typed by hand)Edit

A History of Legions, Book of Prophecy, Deltras and Storm Legion, Eltnen's Fall, Fall of the Zumion Ruins, Flora of Elysea, Guide to the Abyss, History of Eltnen Fortress, Introduction to Alchemy, Memorable Daevas, Poison Research Diary, Rare Poison Guide, Studies on Balaur Ruins, Wind Breeze,

I've also added pictures and info to several pages along with listing a good number of quests that didn't appear on quest lists, particularly the Verteron Quests page (I wrote all the quests on that page except for the majority of the Verteron Citadel ones). Additionally, I've created the quest list page for Eltnen. Please help out by updating all those quests! :)





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