A tailor in Aldelle Village named Urd is making quilted clothes for <Ulgorn> to wear under his armor. She needs Airon feathers and asked you to fetch them for her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain Airon Breast Feathers and bring them to Urd.
Wing feather type 1 <Airon Breast Feather> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Urd to receive quest. Kill <Blackbeak Airons> and pluck 3 Airon Breast Feathers. Take the feathers back to Urd for reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Children these respect for anything or anyone. When I was young, I helped everyone I could. Especially the village elders, who worked themselves to the bone so we could survive and eventually prosper.
But then I'm sent out here, and everyone is so busy with their "glorious" raiding that they don't give a moment's thought to their elders.
I know you're new here. Are you chasing the fleeting glories of a raider's life like everyone else?"
1 "Are you saying I don't respect my elders?"
"Aha! Struck a little close to home, did I?
I'm more perceptive than you think, [Player Name]."
1 "So you know my name."
"Not just your name, child. I know all sorts of things.
Anyway, as I said a minute ago, I helped my elders when I was young, and now I need help. The leader of your little gang wants quilted garments to wear under his armor. In itself, that isn't a problem: I am a tailor, after all.
But I need the materials: feathers from several Blackbeak Airons. They can be found all around the Tunapre Lake.
What do you say, [Player Name]? How deep does your respect for elders go?"

Accept Edit

"Very good. I see my initial judgment of you was accurate.
Hunt the Blackbeak Airons and bring me their Airon Breast Feathers. Be careful, [Player Name]. When angered, the Airon is a strong and powerful creature--more dangerous than it looks.
Now go. I'll await your return."
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Perhaps these senses of mine...are finally starting to fail me...
Or don't yet realize the implications of what you do here in Ishalgen.
Wear your mask of indifference if you must, [Player Name]. But I know it's a mask, and you can't wear it forever."
X "Farewell."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I take it you've gathered all the feathers I need to make the garment. Or have you just come to pay your respects with empty words?"
1 "Will these feathers do?"
"Yes, these will be more than adequate, young [Player Class].
I'll mention your name when Ulgorn receives his finished product.
Here, take this. Though my reward is small, take it as a sign of my gratitude--and maybe a glimmer of hope for your generation."

Summary Edit

Urd was asked to make quilted clothes for Ulgorn.

She needed Airon feathers to make the clothes, so you agreed to hunt Blackbeak Airons and brought their feathers to her.

Notes Edit

  • This quest is good to do in conjunction with Tango quest icon <Love in Bloom> [3] as they are both in the same general area.
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