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Uno is worried about getting the ingredients for his entry in a cooking contest. He asked you to hunt <Pinkbeak Airon> and take the meat to Feira.

Quest Information[]


<Airon Meat> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]


Talk to Uno to receive this quest. Kill <Pinkbeak Airons> and obtain 3 meat. Take the Airon Meat to Feira for reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Oh, hello there, [Player Name].
Sorry, I was a bit distracted--worried about the end of my prestigious 20-year career."
1.png "What's wrong?"
"Well, I hate to bother you with it...There's this cooking contest in Sanctum. I'm dying to enter it with my latest and greatest recipe--grilled Airon steak with green peppercorn sauce and chopped shallots.
There's just one problem, I'm missing the main ingredient--the Airon steak! I'm terrified of Airons so there's no way I can go near one, let alone kill it.
I don't know, [Player Name]. I really don't know what to do. Do you think you could help me with this? I need someone to go and...collect the steaks."


"Oh, thank you so much!
Please bring me Airon Meat from three Pinkbeak Airons. You should be able to find whole flocks of them out by Cliona Lake. That should be enough to test the recipe and enter the contest.
Once you have the meat, take it to my wife, <Feira>. She's gathering the Aria we need, and I need time to prepare this Peppercorn Sauce. I am already salivating at the thought of it!"
1.png "I'll be back as soon as I can!"


"Shards and feathers! I only have three days until the contest. What can I do now?
Hmm, maybe Feira can bring me some fish, or maybe I can create some kind of vegetable

...Oh, I don't know..."

X.png "Good Luck. You'll need it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Yes, [Player Name]?
Please, speak quickly. I've got to chop buckets of Aria but have a knife blunter than Asmodian wit."
1.png "Your husband wanted me to bring you these."
"Ah, excellent!
Oh my, these are fantastic cuts too! Uno will be delighted with them, [Player Name]! Excellent work!"


Uno didn't have the ingredients necessary for an upcoming cooking contest, so you hunted Airon and brought him the necessary meat.

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