After drinking a potion, Marmeia asked you to try and understand Ulaguru.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to <Ulaguru>, a Krall warrior caged next to <Marmeia> and see if you can understand what he is saying.
  • Tell Marmeia what Ulaguru has said.

Basic Reward Edit

Reward 1 (based on dialogue)
Reward 2
Reward 3

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Marmeia to obtain this quest. Talk with Ulaguru (located in the cage next to Marmeia) to update quest. Report back to Marmeia to receive reward. Choosing option 1 in the reward dialogue offers the best return for this quest.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"How does it taste? No, how do you feel? No physical transformation. Good. I can cross that one off the list. Good, good...
Well! It seems there have been no harmful side effects to your appearance. You haven't got any stomach cramps, have you?"

Accept Edit

Now, try listening to Ulaguru! If this Shugo concoction actually works you should be able to understand him--maybe even converse with him!
Oh...this is so exciting!"
X "Here we go..."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

1 "What?"
1 "Right you are!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

How did you get on? Could you understand anything? Is their syntax different from ours? Do you think we could learn to speak it without these potions??
Please, tell me!"
1 "He told me he was hungry, actually." (Reward 1)
"Success! It worked! We've done it, [Player Name]! Oh, I should explain!
I intentionally cut his rations a few days ago. I thought it likely he'd mention it and then I'd know if you really understood him!
This is ground-breaking research, and you my friend, are one of the first people to ever have understood a Krall!"
1 "I don't know what to say...."
"How ironic. Suddenly you've learned another language, and moment later you're tongue tied!
Allow me to thank you, then. The test was a success, and you haven't noticed any adverse side effects, so I can take the formula to be mass produced! You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment, [Player Name]... no idea.
Please take this, You are more than worthy of the reward."
2 "He said he had a sore stomach." (Reward 2)
"He did? Are you certain?
That's strange...but not a million miles away from what I thought he'd say.
Are you sure that's what you heard? He wasn't complaining about being hungry?"
1 "I'm afraid not."
"Strange. Perhaps the potion still isn't quite right. You see, I deliberately cut Ulaguru's rations a few days ago, thinking he'd complain of hunger.
The potion may have adversely affected your hearing, [Player Name]. Please accept my apologies. The side effects will probably wear off in a few hours. I do hope you aren't angry with me.
Here, take this as a token of my appreciation. It's the least I could offer, especially considering you were the only one with the courage to volunteer for my little project!"
3 "He called me an idiot!" (Reward 3)
"Ulaguru, brute! I've looked after him well, fed him and protected him when others have tried to cause him suffering, and how does he repay...hang on, he said "idiot?" Are you sure?
I spoke to a Shugo about the Krallic language before, and he said their language doesn't have insults.
This is strange--either you misheard or this experiment has been a complete and utter failure."
1 "No, he definitely called me an idiot."
"You're mocking me, aren't you?!
[Player Name], this isn't some side project I was running in my spare time. A number of people are keeping close tabs on my work, and you come waltzing in and treat the whole thing like a joke!
Now take this, and get out of here! I'll not waste any more of my breath explaining or justifying my work to you. Go! Leave!"

Summary Edit

After drinking a potion, Marmeia asked you to listen carefully to Ulaguru, repeating to her what the Krall was saying.

The potion worked and you told Marmeia what Ulaguru said.

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