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ToE - Map

Trials of Eternity map

Trials of Eternity (ToE), also known as Museum of KnowledgeEU, was a group instance added in the 5.5 patch. It served as the third and final Artifacts of Eternity instance, and thus was accessible from the Reflection of Eternity pillar within the Tower of Eternity. A portal would also appear in the Spring of Knowledge once <Typhon> is defeated. Inside, Daevas continue their expedition into the Tower, attempting to repair the core of an artifact.

In its prime days this instance was a steady source for GP and Greater Minion Contract <Greater Minion Contract>, as well as other rewards such as AP and EXP, although the rapid increases in difficulty meant that not many groups attempted full runs.

Unlike its preceding instances, no new gear could be acquired: bosses would drop the Apollon's series (like the Cradle of Eternity), but it would only stick to the upgraded version. As such, players did not need to worry about basic versions and the materials for them. It was also a lot faster to run in general, although the added difficulty remained present.

In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

After the fierce battle against <Typhon>, a strong effort was put on investigating the reason for the surge of these forgotten and powerful creatures. Research eventually leads to how the core of an artifact deep inside the Cradle of Eternity is in an unstable state, and is creating rifts which allow the entry of these monsters into Atreia. <Agent ViolaViola>/<Agent PeregrinePeregrine> decides to command another expedition into the Tower.

Accompanied by her own bodyguards, <Kontesius>/<Gampt> and <Ostia>/<Zarik>, <Agent ViolaViola>/<Agent PeregrinePeregrine> meets the group of Daevas inside the Trials of Eternity. As they venture in, several defeated golems can be seen in the lobby, suggesting that the opposing faction has gotten there faster. As they venture inside, the presence of the opposing faction is confirmed, and they begin chasing <Gampt>/<Kontesius>, one of the enemy faction's guards.

Deeper within, <Ganesh>, guardian of the artifact, steps forward, preventing Daevas from passing through into the core's room. While an admirable foe, he is overpowered and agrees to the Daevas' request, wishing to remain neutral to the factions' conflict. Arriving into the Library of Insight, Daevas finally catch up with the Asmodians/Elyos. After disposing of <Peregrine'sPeregrine>/<Viola'sViola> guards, they notice the Agent themselves pouring energy into the core. With the aid of <Viola>/<Peregrine> he/she is taken care of and retreats. However, the core's state suddenly worsens and massively creates dimensional rifts, allowing the entry of vile otherworldly creatures.

Between them, <Boliag> surges from a portal, putting a start to a chaotic battle. As <Ganesh> and <Viola>/<Peregrine> attempt to stabilize the artifact, the Daevas eventually manage to outdo <Boliag>, sending it back to its own dimension. Dust settles as the critical state of the core is handled and rifts close. The Agent thanks their assistance. However, according to <Ganesh> the danger of instability is still possible; a permanent solution is required.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is mostly simple in mechanics, but the difficulty rapidly scales up as the group progresses through. Group composition must be fairly generic; a designated tank, a healer, an off-hand support (or alternatively 2 Clerics), and a balance between physical and magical DPS. The recommended level is 73, at least.

Tomes Edit

The first four rooms are dedicated to finding special tomes which are crucial against the first boss; the <Unyielding Guardian Shardgolem>. While geared groups may find the boss is doable with just collecting three tomes or less, for most groups it is highly recommended to attempt to go for all four of them. Each is located in one room, in which they can be found with their own strategy. All rooms are timed, as sections of the roof will collapse, and inflict damage in those who stand in those areas.

The first chamber will be the Sunken Corridor. As soon as a player steps down the stairs at the start, the hidden timer will start and the roof will start collapsing. There are some <Scattered Blue Energy Book> in the middle, each in one platform, guarded by golems. If a player falls off from the platforms, they may still get up by using gliding on top of the available geysers. The objective is to interact with the correct <Scattered Blue Energy Book>, as only one of them will drop the Ancient Sapphire Tome <Blue Tome>.

Having found the tome, players may head to the pile of debris on the right, which will activate the teleport stone that players may use to get to in case of death and having to resurrect at the start. Jumping down the pile into the Records Study will trigger the following room's countdown. Make sure everyone is ready before proceeding.

The Records Study splits into two paths that meet shortly afterwards. The catch here is that each path has <Protector of Resurrection Agaldima> in it, and that they will endlessly keep resurrecting each other unless they are killed at the same time. With both of them down the <Sealed Red Energy Book> will become interactive, allowing a player to pick up the Ancient Ruby Tome <Red Tome>. The strategy here is to separate the group into two groups and coordinate the death of the mobs, and at the end, have one person pick up the tome.

The exit to the room will lead to another teleport stone, and a group of stairs which on the bottom players will fight guards of the opposing faction. The doorway on the back will lead to the Classification Room. Make sure everyone is ready before proceeding.

This big circular room contains several <Scattered Yellow Energy Book> across it. Much like in the first room, there will only be one that contains the needed tome; the Ruined Ancient Gold Tome <Yellow Tome>. The recommended approach is to separate the group again, this time into three different sub-groups of two people. One will take care of the <Scattered Yellow Energy Book> on the left side, another one on the central section, and the last one on the right side. While a person gets the book, the other entertains the nearby mobs.

The doorway at the other end will lead to the small corridor with the following teleport stone and other guards. This waiting room is meant as a chance for the party to organize and prepare for the next chamber. Going through the door will trigger the timer.

The Restricted Library will contain four <Essence Guardian Fleshgolems>, each of which will drop a Arena Ticket <Restricted Library Card>. These are used to go through the portal in the middle into a restricted section of the chamber. This small room will only contain a <Guardian Shardgolem>. This mob will drop the required Black Tome <Black Tome>, however it will despawn around 20 seconds after it is attacked, making the tome completely unattainable. The idea is to make the four players with the most damage each pick up a Arena Ticket <Restricted Library Card> and be teleported into the special chamber, and together kill the <Guardian Shardgolem> as fast as possible. No healer is needed in there, and the collapsing roof will not affect it either.

ToE - Altar

Recovery Altar

Having completed all the previous rooms, the group may proceed into the Court of Wisdom and battle the <Unyielding Guardian Shardgolem>. The boss will not use any skills and only auto attack, however it will get healed up constantly by the four altars around him. This is where the previously collected tomes will come into play. Whoever is in their possession will simply need to interact with the altar of the respective color to place the tome and deactivate its healing abilities. Once all four altars have been disabled, players may kill the <Unyielding Guardian Shardgolem> without any trouble, opening the way into the Incinerator Room and Ganesh's Gateway.

Ganesh Edit

Inside Ganesh's Gateway, the party will fight the first actual boss of the instance. <Ganesh> will appear on a small platform, and when aggroed, the entrance to it will be sealed off. Make sure all group members are on top of it before starting.

The main difficulty is that the fight against <Ganesh> is a timed battle, as he will enrage after 5 minutes of starting. This state is reverted a few seconds afterwards, giving the group another 5 minutes to beat him, otherwise he will rage again, but this time, it will not be removed until everyone dies. Clerics will need to time their Resurrection Loci skill properly, at it must be cast after all members have died at once but before the Cleric himself falls to the enrage.

Throughout the the fight <Ganesh> will use Earthgrab npc <Calculated Chaos> (an AoE attack that will reduce the attack, casting and movement speed of players in one direction), Staggered Rest <Force Freeze> (paralyzing enemies within range of the target at the time), Warrior type <Raging Shock Wave> (a frontal AoE stagger) and Warrior type <Threatening Strike> (a frontal cone-shaped AoE attack).

His special combo is starting with Macro type 1 <Unstable Fissure>, creating scorched earth spots below players, inflicting damage continuously on those who remain on them. At first, everyone must step out of them. However, sometime later, <Ganesh> will use Sleep Trap I (Elyos) <Start of the Dream>, putting everyone around him in a Sleeping state, following it up with Macro type 1 <Dream Distortion> (an AoE attack which will deal additional damage if the targets are sleeping). To avoid this heavy damage, players must jump on the spots created by Macro type 1 <Unstable Fissure>, instantly waking them up from Sleep Trap I (Elyos) <Start of the Dream>, drastically reducing the effect of Macro type 1 <Dream Distortion>.

Additionally, he will periodically summon <Obelisk of Ganesh>. These will all benefit <Ganesh> in some way, such as increasing his attack power, attack speed, defenses, giving him reflective shields or reducing the HP recovery effect of players. In order to remove these difficulties, the appropriate <Obelisk of Ganesh> must be destroyed. However, each obelisk will have either the Interval Skill <Reflect Damage Spell> or Interval Skill NPC <Reflect Magic Spell> on it. As such, only the appropriate class should attempt to attack them, making having a balanced group between physical and magical DPS a must.

If the party manages to overcome the challenge, <Ganesh> will be subdued and a loot box will be left behind, opening the way into the final chamber.

Agent's Bodyguards Edit

As players head into the Library of Insight, the guards of the opposing faction will be standing together in the platform; for Elyos it will be <Gampt> and <Zarik>, while for Asmodians it will be <Kontesius> and <Ostia>. After 5 minutes, both guards will enrage, killing all group members. As with <Ganesh> however this is a soft enrage, as it still is possible to slay them in this status.

The mage will stick to regular skills such as Flame Bolt I <Flame Bolt> (single target attack), Big Magma Eruption I <Summon Blizzard> (puts a person and those nearby in a silenced state), Midnight Wind <Throw Trap> (creating circles on the ground which explode). The warrior will use Ferocious Strike II <Ferocious Strike II> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Sword Storm> (causing knockdown in one direction) and Macro type 1 <Wide Thrust> (an AoE stumble).

The main issue is that the warrior's defense is extremely high, and all normal attacks will deal almost no damage on him. This is where the mage comes into play: upon hitting a certain HP threshold she will start using Armor Break npc <Flame Circle>, creating scorched spots which will inflict continuous damage on whoever stands in them. While on or within range of these circles the warrior's defenses are greatly decreased, allowing the group to damage him normally. The strategy is to focus on the mage first until Armor Break npc <Flame Circle> is used, and then shift focus towards the warrior.

The tricky part is that without the mage, no flame circles will appear, however killing her gives the warrior the Word of Wind I <Ignite Anger> buff, increasing his attack power considerably. If the group takes long enough to trigger enrage, they must kill the sorcerer and deal with the warrior by kiting him around the platform, with everyone else planting damage over time skills on him. This can take a considerable time, and he may switch targets randomly. If the party manages to bring the mage to low HP before rage, they should keep her alive and focus on the warrior instead.

Once dead, the players will be able to loot a treasure box for its rewards and prepare for the final boss of the instance, <Boliag>.

Boliag Edit

Following the defeat of the Agent's guards several rifts will open at once, allowing a variety of otherworldly creatures to pass into the chamber. While weak, they will keep spawning for a few minutes, giving the party a chance to prepare for the final battle. Netherworld Butchers should be prioritized, as they will occasionally use a high damage area skill.

<Boliag> will then spawn, giving the group 10 minutes to kill it before it rages and wipes the whole group. Boliag's skillset is rather simple, but due to the time limit this boss requires high DPS. Positioning is key: all members will remain right below the boss at 0m, except for the (main) healer.

One reason for this positioning is that <Boliag> will begin to periodically spawn adds on the platform once below 90% HP. The adds will despawn on their own after some time, even if aggroed, but will continuously attack a target during this time. The positioning will ensure that as few adds are aggroed as possible, thus reducing the burden put on the group's healers. Most groups opt to ignore the adds because of the loss of DPS, but since an add will inflict additional damage on everyone on the platform shortly before it despawns some groups opt to assign 1 ranged DPS to quickly dispatch (some of) the nearby adds once the boss' HP is below 50%, thus taking pressure off the group's healers.

<Boliag>'s normal skillset consists of Macro type 1 <Breathtaking Beam> (straight line AoE attack in one direction), Macro type 1 <Bullion's Claws> (a fast attack usually used multiple times) and Macro type 1 <Chilling Fear> (a frontal AoE attack). The second reason why the main healer is separated from the rest of the players is because of Fear Shriek I <Dark Mist> being used as well, putting all targets within 20m in a feared state. The healer must be standing outside of its range and cleanse that effect from others instantly.

The party should move back up to 30m away from the boss when Earthgrab npc <Violent Snare> is used, as it will pull everyone in the platform after which the boss will follow it with several melee-range Macro type 1 <Bullion's Claws>, potentially killing those affected. It is wise to use protective buffs and potions as they run away. Another tip is to have everyone run in the same direction (towards the group's healers) while sticking to the walls, thus reducing the chances of aggroing additional adds.

ToE - Netherwolrd

Netherworld Eruption

In addition to spawning adds and using its regular skills <Boliag> also has two special abilities. The first of these is Macro type 1 <Netherworld Eruption>. On the top right corner of the screen will be a small bar, "Netherworld Magic", which will continuously be charging up to 100%. Once full, the boss will release a powerful all-room wide attack. Macro type 1 <Netherworld Eruption> happens rather often, therefore healers must save strong heals or shields for it and time them accordingly. Alternatively, Netherworld Magic can be completely avoided by going to the back of the platform and jumping onto the steps when it goes off. However, due to the loss of time in which <Boliag> is not losing HP and the chances of aggroing the additional mobs, most groups will insist on staying in position and taking the damage.

Lastly, players will notice the Immortal <Immortal> buff on <Boliag> right at the beginning. This buff will restore the boss' HP to 40% if his HP reaches 10% while the buff is active. It is crucial to remove it. This is done by killing a special kind of add, Boliag's Tentacle, which spawns on the sides of the platform. Once slain, one person may interact with the portal (clicking on the "mouth" of the vanquished tentacle) to be teleported into <Boliag'sBoliag> interior, allowing them to destroy the Heart of Boliag. While inside, the person will receive a damage over time and will be locked inside until the person decides to die and resurrect back at the start and rejoin the rest of the group, or until a group member kills another Boliag's Tentacle, opening another rift. Due to the high damage that is suffered inside it is recommended to designate one person who will deal with the heart beforehand, and have him use Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire> shortly before going in.

Provided the party has managed to survive and defeat the otherworldly <Boliag>, they will be rewarded with a treasure chest with lots of loot.

Extras Edit

There are extra areas which hold Leibo mobs. Their sole purpose is to offer players additional XP. This is rewarded as long as the Leibo mob is killed. The difficulty is that they will run off as soon as they are attacked and permanently despawn a few seconds later if not killed, ensuring one chance only per run.

The first one will be <Patib> in the opposite end of the entrance to the Sunken Corridor. Players may get near it without worrying about triggering its escape at first. The others include five <Flamegolem Leibos> in the Tome Incinerator, who will run off as soon as they are approached. As such, it is best for the group to focus them together one at a time before they disappear.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

Boss Loot
Guardian Shardgolem
Agent's Guard

Trivia Edit

  • The instance is actually located within the Cradle of Eternity, several floors below the Core of Knowledge (central pillar).
  • This instance would initially award GP, but this was removed during the 5.8 patch.
  • <Boliag> is designed to feature <Violent Bust> mask in its face, with his eye coming out of the mask's mouth.
  • <Ganesh> is based on the Hindu god Ganesha. Other than their name, they share other traits, such as multiple arms and being protectors or precursors of ancient knowledge.
  • <Boliag> might be based on the Biblical warrior Goliath, associated with battles with battles in which one side grossly overpowers the other. The underdog in this case would be the player, while the powerful one would be <Boliag>, the immortal creature.
  • Players were originally required to have completed all campaigns in Cradle of Eternity in order to access this instance. This requirement was lifted shortly after the instance's release.
  • The instance offers throughout the rooms alternative routes to avoid chambers fully collapsing.
  • The instance is referred to as "ideternity_03" in files.

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