Order: Get orders from Derot, and steal treasures from the ghosts that haunt the Ishalgen Prison Camp.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Dead Folks' Stuff> (0/4)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Derot to obtain quest. Kill Vengeful Ghosts and obtain 4 Dead Folks' Stuff. Return to Derot with the treasures for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Interested in making a bit of Kinah on the side?
I've got a deal for you. It needs to be kept quiet, though, or the others will cash in on my little idea.
Now, this is gonna make us a lot of money, bit I ain't messin' around--this has to be hush-hush, even from the other raiders.
Whaddaya say, [Player Class]?"
1 "I'm listening...."


"Hardly anyone knows that the ghost in the Ishalgen graveyard wear expensive jewelry."
"Here's the deal. There are all kinds of nasties up in the Ishalgen Prison Camp. It's so rough up there that most raiders won't go near the place.
Me though, I ain't scared of ghost stories, and I ain't gonna hesitate when there's money to be made.
Mentioning "ghosts" got your attention, huh? That graveyard is full of Vengeful Ghosts, former residents of Pandaemonium with lots of fancy clothes and jewelry. See where I am going with this?
Rumor has it that there's even a dead Elyos wandering around. I bet he's got some fancy trinkets on him...."
1 "You want me to loot the dead?"
"The "loot" ain't much use to them, is it?
Now, I gotta warn you...those Vengeful Ghosts aren't pushovers. The only reason I'm telling you about the job is because I've seen you crackin' skulls, and I figure you ain't afraid of ghosts either.
The job is simple. Go to the Ishalgen Prison Camp, kill Vengeful Ghosts, and steal the Treasure of the Deceased.
Get on with it, [Player Class]. It's only a matter of time until the others find out and do a bit of late night shoppin' of their own."
"1 "I'll be back soon."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The word is spreading about you, [Player Name]. The other raiders say you're the sort who gets things done.
Speaking of getting things done, been to the Ishalgen Prison Camp yet?
Show me what you've got. Bet it's shiny...."
1 "It might just be..."
"Most folks would die to get their hands on these...get it? Ah, never mind.
These are great. Good to know they ain't lost their luster after spending so long in such a shabby place. I can turn these into Kinah, no question.
Seems like I should find some more jobs for you, eh? This could be a real rewarding partnership.
Take this for now. There'll be more later."

Summary Edit

Derot told you that the ghosts in the Ishalgen prison camp carried valuable jewelry and asked you to steal them.

After you finished the mission, Derot was clearly happy and suggested future collaborations.

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