There are numerous ways to travel in Aion. Sometimes you'll want to take your time from one place to another, get to know the scenery and possibly work on Quests along the way. Other times, you may find yourself in a hurry and need a quicker transportation method, such as Flight or a Transporter.

Main Forms of Travel Edit

The most basic form of travel for a character is simply walking. By default, you can use Click to Move or the standard W,A,S,D keys. To toggle between walking and running using the (.) key. However, it is not possible to walk everywhere!

Some areas may only be reached by flying. Flying and gliding are much faster than walking, but not all zones allow you to fly.

Speaking to certain NPCs will allow you to Teleport, for a price, to any connecting region. Similarly, buying a Flight transportation trip will quickly get you from one part of a region to another. You do not need to have visited your destination before, but each destination does have a minimum level requirement. Capital cities also have Teleport Statues, which work in the same way.

Flight transport

Player enroute via flight transportation

Every character knows the Return spell. This spell will allow you to return to your bind location from anywhere you may be, every 20 minutes. If you wish to set this spell to a different location, find any other Obelisk and pay a small fee to bind to it. You will also return to your bound Obelisk upon death.

The only way to get to the Abyss is through the Abyss Gates. Once you reach level 25 you will receive 4 Campaign Quests that must be completed before you can travel through the Abyss Gate. There are two Abyssal Gates for each Race.

Rifts are randomly occurring phenomena in Atreia that take you to enemy territory. Be prepared before entering a Rift, as you never know what awaits you on the other side.

Minor Forms of Travel Edit

Airships offer players a free ride from A to B. Sadly, you cannot choose where the airship goes, it will always follow a set route.

Teleport scrolls are usually faster way to travel between zones, and cheaper than paying for teleport. What's the catch? You must buy the scroll in advance and keep it in your cube.

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