Dabi told you an <Arma Snuffler> swallowed the ring that Dabi's girlfriend gave him. Find the ring by hunting Snufflers and examining their remains.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find the ring swallowed by one of the Arma Snufflers and take it to <Dabi>.
Green Ring type 1 <Shiny Silver Ring> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Dabi to get the quest. Kill Arma Snufflers in the nearby Munihele Forest until you obtain the ring then return to Dabi for the reward. You may need to kill several until the ring drops.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I'm supposed to be watching <Motgar>, but he doesn't do much, so I have plenty of time to think.
I never thought I'd end up like this. I always thought I'd be a farmer like my father.
Then there was my sweetheart...Ademia and I grew up together, and as soon as the harvest was in, we'd marry and start our own family.
It wasn't meant to be."
1 "What happened?"
"Ademia ascended...I know I should be happy for her but I was devastated. She told me she had to go to Pandaemonium for her ceremony...only temporarily.
She left me her mother's ring...and nothing else. She never returned so I left, walked Asmodae and ached. Nothing else.
I woke up one morning after a rough night, and saw <Tobu> and a couple of raiders standing over me. They got me back on my feet and sorted me out."
1 "Why leave the farm, though?"
"What was the point? Ademia was immortal, charged with great deeds. I ...was just a farmer. I'd grow old to die..."
I got furious with this whole damned situation about a week ago. I took her ring out of my pocket, and hurled it into some bushes. If we're doomed, why carry a reminder?
I'm so ashamed. I fear the day Ademia returns to ask me to marry her, and I'll have lost...thrown away the ring. I retraced my steps and found some Arma Snufflers near the bush where I'd thrown the ring.
I can't leave my post, [Player Name] but I implore you to[sic]"

Accept Edit

"Thank you, [Player Name].
You could look around the Munihele Forest again, [Player Name], but I bet you'll have to kill Arma Snufflers until you find the one that ate the ring. They'll swallow anything shiny.
Please find the ring. I feel awful for throwing it away."
X "I'll try but it's a big forest."

Decline Edit

"Weakness? I suppose you're right.
It's strangely liberating, knowing I have nothing tangible to remind me of Ademia. Maybe now I'll finally be able to move on with my life. Perhaps that...helps Ademia let go of her human ties...ties like me.
Thank you for listening, [Player Name]. I'd never spoken to anyone about Ademia before. Perhaps life goes on..."
X "Be strong, Dabi."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back already? Did you find it?
Please say that you did...
Like any Asmodian, I try to live a life with no regrets, but this...this is different."
1 "Is this the ring?"
"You found it!
Thank you [Player Name]! I'd almost given up hope of ever seeing this again. And despite...where you found looks just fine.
I doubt I'll ever see Ademia again, but if I do, I'll make sure she takes this ring back. She'll either take it as her won wedding ring, or she'll take as her family heirloom--a reminder of the humans who raised her and loved her."

Summary Edit

Dabi told you a sad story about his lover's ascension.

The token of love she had given him was swallowed by an Arma Snuffler.

You found the ring by hunting Snufflers in the Munihele Forest, and gave it back to Dabi.

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