Normal NPC Portrait
Icon emblem guard

An Ulgorn Raider at Aldelle Hill in Ishalgen. He is in charge of documenting order pages.



Ends quest


"Ah, [Player Name].
You been settlin' in all right then? Some of the raiders seem to have taken a shine to you already. Not a bad start for a [Player Class].
You're not hungry, are you? I gotta be straight with you, the one thing I miss from civilized lands is the food.
We're picking this place clean, but we aren't keeping much for ourselves."
1 "What can we do about that?"
X "The hunger makes us stronger."
"What can we do? Simple. We can pack up our stuff and raid someplace new.
We've done it plenty of times before. I'm not sure why we're still here in Ishalgen. The Boss ain't said nothin' about moving on, though.
Some of the raiders are complaining, or worse--they're keeping some loot for themselves rather than contributing to our quota.
And that'll make Ulgorn mad. You ain't seen the boss get angry, have you? It ain't a pretty sight..."
X "I'll remember that."
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