You are ready to vanquish Hellion and change your future. Find the Fissure of Destiny and go to Ataxiar.

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"[Player Name], the time of your destiny is coming.
Hellion fled to Ataxiar...just as I did once before...
Swallow the <Pearl of Purification>. The five Divine Blessings will purify any evil energy in your body."
1 "All right..."
"That's done. The evil energy has been purified. I can now give you the Spirit Blade--keep it with you at all times. It will help you use your new power freely.
The Fissure of Destiny in Reshanta leads to Ataxiar. But hurry! If you take too long, it may close again.
Look for my disciple Hagen upon your arrival. I asked him to find Brigade General Hellion for us. Darkness guide you."
1 "And you."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], what a relief! You got here just in time!
The push to capture Ataxiar from the Elyos is faring badly. Their Legatus, Hellion, is too powerful--he defeats every Archon who challenges him.
You arrival brings us a glimmer of hope. You must go to Ataxiar and defeat Hellion, or we're all doomed."
"Oh if only you'd come quicker. Hellion is destroying our soldiers out on the floating island. If we don't stop him now, this place is going to fall apart.
If you five me that Spirit Blade, I'll bind it to your soul, and its powers will be with you at all times.
Are you ready?"
1 "I am."
"This isn't over yet....
How...? What?!
Is the prophecy true?!
All right...steady now....
Brace for it....
I'm not going to let you...
...destroy Atreia!"
"Awake, are you?
1 "Who are you?"
"Not even a word of thanks?
Very well. I am Lephar.
You may have heard of my followers...they call themselves Lepharists."
1 "You...oh..."
"Yes, I know. You've killed your fair share of them.
I've sensed the dark energy of Beritra within you. I know you were hoping to defeat Hellion, but if I hadn't intervened, you'd have been finished.
You are not ready yet."
1 "Is that...why you saved me?"
"I saved you because I believe you will prove useful. You may not realize it yet, but the Asmodae that you love and protect isn't exactly what you believe it to be.
I can show you the truth. I can lead you out of your distorted view of the world and into reality.
What do you say, [Player Name]? Will you follow me to glory, or remain in a world made of lies?"
1 "Lead me to the truth"
"You are wise, [Player Name]. I look forward to what we'll accomplish together.
For now, though, you must keep up this masquerade. Continue working as a faithful servant of Pandaemonium.
You'll see me again when the time is right. I'll send you back to Asmodae now. Keep your eyes open--you may see something...interesting."
1 "Got it."
2 "I'll never follow you."
That's too bad. Not unexpected though. You'll see me again, [Player Name]. Our fates are linked in ways you don't yet understand.
I'm sending you back to Asmodae for now, but know that we'll meet again. I'm looking forward to the day."
1 "I'm not."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What brings you here, [Player Name]? Do you have something for me?
I haven't much time, so get on with it."
1 "Well..."
"Hellion, you say? Fascinating.... With that in mind, I must tell you something. Lord Marchutan is currently in Balaurea. He has located Tiamat, the Balaur Lord, and is attacking the location fiercely.
Seraphim Lord Kaisinel is at the same game, so we're going to have to do our best to get through first.
We've got the situation covered for now, but be prepared. I'll call for you when the time comes."
Cutscene 2 (seen as you exit the building)
Person 1: "Any progress?"
Person 2: "Well... they killed Hellion and survived, if that tells you anything."
Person 1: "And the Shadow Judges?"
Person 2: "All the Judges who went to Ataxiar are dead. Vanished."
Person 1: "By... Him?"
Person 2: "Yes. Or so I believe, at any rate."
Person 1: "So He has finally stirred."
Person 2: "Yes. It's too soon to be sure, but yes."
Person 1: "I can't make my move until I know exactly what He is after...
And what of Marchutan?"
Person 2: "Marchutan succeeded in driving Tiamat into a corner,
but then Imperial Lord Kaisinel got involved."
Person 1: "That troublemaker finally joined the fray....
That makes it more...challenging.
Still, it is Marchutan, and he's not likely to go down without a fight, either.
Prepare to send reinforcements just in case."
Person 2: "Yes...."

Summary Edit

Munin said Hellion has appeared in Ataxiar and told you to go there before it's too late.

After purifying the evil energy inside you with the Pearl of Purification, you took the Spirit Blade and Amulet of Insight Munin gave you, and went to Ataxiar through the Fissure of Destiny.

You confronted Hellion, who was massacring Archons, and vanquished him after a fierce struggle, but lost control.

When you regained consciousness, Lephar stood before you and asked you to follow him. After this encounter, you reported to Vidar who said he'd be calling for you soon.

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