Tiamat's legions emblem

Once the mighty army of Tiamat, feared by all her enemies. Scattered across Atreia, from heavily guarded barracks in the inner halves, to small camps in Kaldor and Idian Depths

Characteristics Edit

Known for their incredible numbers, Tiamat's soldiers vary from simple Draconutes and Nagas to powerful dragons and human-looking Balaur. Nonetheless, her key forces share her characteristics; a greyish thick skin, wearing armours with silver and red to show Tiamat's strength.

Unlike Beritra, Tiamat does not show natural mind-controlling powers. Instead, she has learnt spells and curses which lessens the victim's will. This is especially shown in Cygnea and Enshar, where her defiers were cursed to protect the Aetheric Stones.

History Edit

Infiltration and conquering Edit

One of Tiamat's objectives was to advance into Elysea and Asmodae through small Abyss Gates opened by her followers in the respective region by the use of Idium. Her legions were in charge of monitoring their developments and proceed as needed. In the current time, the furthest they have managed to conquer the land are small zones in Heiron and Beluslan by the Indratu and Bakarma Legion. However, in an alternative future, the Anuhart Legion has successfully managed to fully control Poeta.

Tiamat Remnant in Danaria

The Dark Betrayal Edit

After Tiamat's death the Tiamat Army had fallen into chaos. The commanders of Tiamat made an attempt to keep it together and guard the memory of their late Lady. They retreated to Katalam and Danaria to reorganise and planned a glorious comeback.

Lord Beritra invited the Tiamat Army Commanders to a meeting to discuss the Tiamat Army's future. However it was a trap set up by him. Once the meeting started his soldiers made a great massacre and killed all of the commanders and the high ranked officers. After this the Beritran Army easily crushed the Tiamat Protectorate what attempted to save their leaders. The remnants of the Tiamat Army escaped to Danaria, others came down to Idian Depths to avoid the attacks from the Daevas and Beritra's forces. A big group of them made a pact with Beritra and betrayed their former comrades, while some others remain as refugees and mare remnants.

To Beritra's misfortune some of the commanders, like Hamazi survived the massacre. Hamazi promised he will take revenge on Beritra, so he is willing to take help from Daevas if its necessary as a three-front war against Beritra is more effective. While the others are fighting the Beritra Army in Danaria and in the Idian Depths.

Beritra's grand invasion and the destruction of their former lands , most likely meant the finishing blow for the Tiamat Army.

Legions Edit

An important characteristic of her army is the great number of troops and legions she had under her command.

  • Indratu Legion - Infiltrating Heiron
  • Bakarma Legion - Infiltrating Beluslan
  • Baranath Legion - Conquest of Reshanta, they have several Dredgions under their command
  • Naduka Legion - Retaking the Gelkmaros region and protecting Tiamaranta
  • Basrasa Legion - Retaking the Inggison region and protecting Tiamaranta
  • Laksyaka Legion - Guarding Silentera Canyon, aiding the Dragon Lord from Tiamat Stronghold
  • Chantra Legion - Managing the Dredgion which flies around Gelkmaros and Inggison from Tiamat Stronghold
  • Padmarashka Convoy Legion - Protecting the Dramata Padmarashka
  • Zorshiv Legion - Infiltrating Sarpan and spy on Reians
  • Satra Legion - Managing war funds and protect Tiamaranta
  • Vasharti Legion - Special operations against Reians, forcing them to retreat from Tiamaranta, investigating new regions around Balaurea
  • Tahabata Legion (eventually Anuhart Legion) - Infiltrating the inner halves
  • Terath Legion - Planning and executing attacks with Dredgions across Sarpan and Tiamaranta
  • Tiamat's Protectorate - Protecting Tiamat and her home region
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