Tiamaranta's Eye

Tiamaranta's Eye map

Tiamaranta's Eye, commonly referred to as Tia Eye, was a special region introduced in Aion 3.0. It was the interior of the central fortress of Tiamaranta, Tiamat's Castle, and acted as the game's primary endgame PvPvE zone for players of level 60, a status it maintained until patch 4.0.

This zone, unlike Sarpan and Tiamaranta, featured no safe zones, making it an unlimited PvPvE area during the whole time.

During the Upheaval (Aion 4.8) it was caught in the explosion caused by Beritra's invasion, causing it to sink down into the Abyss Ocean alongside the other continents.

Access to this area was temporarily restored in 5.8 as part of AionKR's 9th Anniversary. In AionNA, this event began on 14 March 2018; on AionEU this was 1 August 2018.

History Edit

While the Reian tribe was making preparations to advance and confront Tiamat in her throne, the Daevas instead focused on conducting preliminary reconnaissance missions. They soon found themselves in Tiamaranta's Eye, being a few blinks away from the Dragon Lord. As they stepped in, they quickly learned that Tiamat's power overrode Kahrun's Will, which was not surprising given that this it had happened already in Tiamaranta and some regions of Sarpan. With the Will lifted, the Elyos and Asmodians quickly found themselves at each other's throat. Despite the Reian's warnings, who urged they focus on taking down Tiamat, tension between both factions had reached a boiling point.

Angered by the constant skirmishes, Kahrun decided not to trust them anymore, leaving the assault on Tiamat Stronghold and Dragon Lord's Refuge in the hands of his tribe. However, as the player is summoned by Kaisinel/Marchutan, he is later allowed to take part on the fight.

Access Edit

  • Via the Abyss Gate in Rancora Fortress (directly) or via the massive door inside the Naduka Garrison (E)/Basrasa Garrison (A). Regardless of faction, at least two Heart fortresses in Tiamaranta must be in the faction's possession, else the faction will remain locked out from the area.
  • Via the Tiamaranta's Eye Rift in Sanctum/Pandaemonium (Event version).

Lay of the Land Edit

The area consists of two rings, surrounding a central circular room and four annex chambers connected between them.

The Outer Ring has several small rooms connected to it, each containing some either elite Balaur soldiers of Tiamat's Protectorate or an elite dragon monster with escorts. Players start on their own break points on the western (Elyos) and eastern (Asmodians) points of the map. On the north point players will meet Reian guards guarding the entrance to the Tiamat Stronghold instance. On the opposite part of the map, in the south, the entrances to the Satra Treasure Hoard are located. Both starting zones also provided an alternative entrance to Tiamat Stronghold, as well as a portal to the Throne of Blood. Each junction between both rings is guarded by a powerful Dragon Protectorate Captain.

The Inner Ring is similar, although it is connected to the four annex chambers, each containing several soldiers and a commander, which can be taken down to complete the weekly quests for Kahrun Symbols.

Finally, in the center of the map is a large open room, the Commander's Room, the main chamber of the Tiamaranta's Eye. This colossal vault holds a windstream that can be accessed from the northern part of the Outer Room. From time to time, Sunayaka (spawning either as Governor Sunayaka or Berserker Sunayaka), the head of Tiamat's Protectorate, will spawn, which once defeated may drop several spoils looted by his slayers. On both left and right ends players can access Dragon Lord's Refuge.

Features Edit

Other than a remarkable spot for farming kinah, each Tiamat Protectorate soldier had a low chance of dropping Protectorate Keys, which could be used to open special chests located all over the Tiamaranta's Eye. There were three types of keys and likewise three types of chests, varying between superior, heroic and fabled grade, with their rarity and prizes adjusted as such.

In addition to monsters players could also obtain keys from defeating Keymasters throughout the area. There were three keymasters; Keymaster Chookuri (a normal priest mob which drops superior-graded keys), Keymaster Niksi (an elite warrior mob which drops heroic-graded keys) and Keymaster Dabra (an ultimate mage mob which drops fabled-graded keys).

This area also presented a number of daily and weekly quests that awarded AP and Mithril Medal <Mithril Medals>. They may either consist of defeating members of the opposing faction or collecting special items from Balaur troops.

Event Version Edit

The layout of the map has been left unaltered, as have monster and NPC placements. It should be noted that although the levels of the monsters have been adjusted to match the current level cap, the NPCs inside are still level 60 and thus will offer little to no protection against incursions from the opposing race. The entrances to the various instances have also been removed.

The default loot is replaced with an event currency known as Gold Protectorate Coin <Gold Protectorate Coin>, which can be obtained from hunting regular monsters (single-quantity) and the Protectorate Assault Leader (bundles). These coins can be traded in for a variety of rewards at the event NPC located in the breakout for both factions. All monsters also have a chance to drop consumables when slain.

Protectorate Keys will also still drop, albeit as event versions. They come in two rarities: Treasure Crate Keys (Fabled) and Treasure Chest Keys (Eternal), with the latter being obtainable from Keymasters and sometimes the elite dragon monsters with escorts found in rooms. Both keys can be used to open respectively regular (green) chests and big (gold) chests, which contain additional event rewards.

Other features include a number of daily/repeatable quests and random appearances of the Bandits of Greed (which will count as a big chest when slain) in the Outer Rings. Finally, Commander Sunayaka will spawn in the Commander Room during a select moment each day, allowing both factions to compete for additional loot.

Instances Edit

Solo Instances Edit

Group instances Edit

Alliance instances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While the portals to Tiamaranta's Eye that were located in the Balaur Garrisons opened up as soon as the Heart siege ended, the direct portals in Rancora Fortress would spawn roughly one and a half hours afterwards, incentivizing players to take the risk of PvP in the garrisons to get a headstart in the Eye.
  • If the opposing faction failed to take at least two Heart fortresses, the faction with access to it would control the entirety Tiamaranta's Eye, providing a perfect opportunity to farm or safely get to the instances' entrances.
  • Although the map was removed in 4.8, several of its features where relocated to Cygnea and Enshar:
    • Any remaining Protectorate Keys can be turned in for their equivalent value in AP by trading them with the respective merchant in Aequis Outpost (E) or Whirlpool Temple (A).
    • The entrances to Tiamat Stronghold and Dragon Lord's Refuge were also relocated to the aforementioned maps.
    • Sunayaka will sometimes spawn in a set location in both maps as Berserker Sunayaka.
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