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Tiamaranta was the stronghold of 5th Dragon Lord Tiamat. It was introduced in the 3.0 update and catered to players between level 58 and 60. The harsh and twisted landscape prepared players for their eventual venture into Tiamaranta's Eye and, ultimately, the confrontation with Tiamat herself.

As with Sarpan, Tiamaranta was largely a PvE map following the effects of Kahrun's Will, with map-wide PvP only being possible in the hours preceding the daily reset. This region however featured an increased amount of permanently contested areas: the areas around the four Hearts, dwellings of world bosses (Gurrik Tree, Black Cloud Camp) and the entirety of the Balaur Garrisons in the middle were all unrestricted PvPvE zones. Because of this and the many ferocious monsters found on this map, players had to keep their wits about them as they traversed the region.

During the Upheaval (4.8 update) Tiamaranta was destroyed and sank into the abyssal ocean. The map is thus no longer accessible to players. Its purpose has since been taken over by Cygnea and Enshar.

Lay of the Land[]

Map of Tiamaranta

Tiamat had manipulated reality in various parts of the region (the lands of Fissure, Gravity, Wrath, and Petrification) — all to make the perfect conduits for her specialized powers, as was reflected by the great diversity of the land. The Land of Fissure was a dry, arid desert region littered with cliffs, and covered the north section of the map; the Land of Wrath was a scorched area with magma pits that covered the east; the Land of Gravity covered the west and was an area where parts of the landscape had been torn apart and lifted into the air, and the player would have to traverse a true maze of various mini-rifts to get around). Finally, the Land of Petrification was located in the south and was a mixture of ice and petrified remains. The Heart of each region, which was the source of Tiamat's corresponding power over that area, was guarded by the Dragon Lord's incarnations.

Rancora Fortress served as the joint base of operations for the Reian-Elyos-Asmodian alliance, although both races had their own districts with NPCs and quests. From Rancora Fortress players could take flight routes to various outposts on the map, from which the player could use windstreams to further travel to specific destinations. In the center of the region, surrounded by the garrisons of some of Tiamat's legions, was a tremendous castle called Tiamaranta's Eye, which was the access point to Tiamat's main fortress.



AION Cutscenes HD - Tiamaranta Intelligence

Tiamaranta Siege: Hearts & Artifacts


Tiamaranta featured 4 'mini-fortresses', commonly known as the Hearts. Compared to regular siege fortresses, the Hearts were way easier to capture (they reset frequently) and served no purpose besides acting as access points for Tiamaranta's Eye and the Satra Treasure Hoard (Normal Mode) instance. The faction had to control at least two of the Hearts to secure access to the Eye. Controlling more meant that the other race was locked out from the eye until the next reset.


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