<Moofrenerk> said that there was an important document in the Severely Rusted Box in Haramel's Tower. Open it with the key and 3 bottles of oil, and take the document within to Gaurinerk.

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After getting the quest, to to Haramel Tower area. You can float from the top down to make it faster. Kill three <MuMu Mechanics> to the the oil, and <Keymaster MuMu Dang> to get the key. Use the Tower Lift, then go up the stairs to get to the box. Open the box and get the <Bundle of Manuscripts>. Take the documents to Gaurinerk in Verteron Citadel.

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"The Daeva and Shugo have been through much together, yes? The Daeva has kept handshake deal with us, so Moofrenerk have special information for you.
Hamerun keeps a locked box in Haramel Tower, nyerk. At the very top. Secret documents inside. Maybe proof that Hamerun is big boss."
1 "Secret documents? Spill the facts."
"Moofrenerk unsure of what is actually inside, but thinks it is documents.
The box is very rusty. If anyone ever tried to touch it, even clean it, they were beaten badly, nyerk.
Secret document might be a list of big boss names. Moofrenerk and brother get another special handshake deal if information tasty?"
1 "Maybe. What else you know?"
"<Keymaster MuMu Dang> holds the key to the box, nyerk. But is very rusty."
Daeva should kill MuMu Mechanics and find oil. Three lubricants should be enough to grease up the keyhole in box.
Use the Tower Lift to get up the tower, nyerk. Use the key and oil on Severely Rusted Box, and it should open up like Dukaki Odium abuser needing a taste, nyerk."

Accept Edit

"Good, good! Daeva can keep anything else in box. It is documents that may be important.
Take them to Gaurinerk at the fortress. Gaurinerk can decipher Hamerun's codes.
Don't bring it back to Moofrenerk...eyes and ears all over this place. Moofrenerk's goose cooked for sure then, nyerk."
X "I got it, I got it."

Decline Edit

"The Daeva does not want to stop the illegal Odium operation? The rusty box has the secret names of all the big boss players, nyerk.
Daeva jeopardizes all of our lives by not getting that box!"
X "I'm closing the case on this."

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"Welcome, Daeva. Very flattering armor the Daeva wears. Very flattering. Must be official business Daeva is on, yes?
What can Gaurinerk do to help? Nyerk?"
1 "Moofrenerk said I should..."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Did Gaurinerk do something to warrant your presence here?
Is the Daeva looking to buy something, maybe? Sell something?
A Daeva looking so nice must need something, yes? Tell Gaurinerk. Whatever it is. Nyerk?"
X "I've got my eyes on you, Shugo."

Successful Item Check Edit

"So, Moorilerk and Moofrenerk found something important in Haramel? Let Gaurinerk see this document.
What the...? Umm...this is...oh, nothing important. Names, names, names...worthless, Daeva. Worthless information. Just scribblings, nyerk.
Only trash...but Gaurinerk will throw it away for you. Gaurinerk will dispose of this trash. Here, Daeva, take this for your troubles. Just forget about this document now, yes?"

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Moofrenerk said that there was an important document in the Severely Rusted Box in Haramel's Tower. He asked you to open it and take the papers to Gaurinerk.

You got the key and lubricants and opened the rusted box, then took the documents to Gaurinerk, who acted suspiciously after reading it.

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