Tula in Melponeh's Campsite asked you to slay nine Gray Worgs.

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Speak with Tula. Kill 9 Gray Worgs and then report back to Tula for reward. Gray Worgs can be found in the Deforested Area bordering Daminu Forest.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Hey [Player Name]!
If you're not busy, we could really use your help. We can just about defend our post here, but we have no one to spare for anything else.
Are you up for a fight?"
1 "What needs doing?"
"What doesn't need doing, you mean!
But there's this one job...
Captain Kalio sent us to watch the Krall and Dukaki in the Kabarah Strip Mine. But our camp has attracted the attention of scavengers--the Gray Worgs."
1 "They look vicious!"
"Because they are, [Player Class]!
They smell our food stocks and come sneaking into our campsite at night.
But you could hunt them for us. A few skins hung around our camp should satisfy their curiosity!"

Accept Edit

Can you kill nine Gray Worgs?
I'll pay out of my own pocket if Melphoneh won't dip into the reserve funds."
1 "I'll be back when the job is done."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Good to see you back in one piece, [Player Name]! Tell me, how many Gray Worgs did you bring down?"
1 "I lost count, but at least nine."
"Great work, [Player Name]!
Oh, we can finally get a good night's sleep now! Between scouting missions against the Krall and the constant Worg raids, the men were dead on their feet. You know how much sleep means to a soldier. Maybe now Melponeh can heal up properly."

Summary Edit

Tula said that Gray Worgs were raiding Melponeh's Campsite each night.

You hunted down 9 to drive the rest off.

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