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TTC map

Theobomos Test Chamber map

Theobomos Test Chamber (TTC), also known as Elemental Lord's Laboratory, was a 3-player group instance for players of level 66 and above. It was introduced with the 5.0 update, and was only accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the Ellosim Garden Sentry Post in Iluma and the Morninglight Scout Post in Norsvold. Its an extra-dimensional research center, an alternative version of Theobomos Lab that is crawling with ferocious creatures and a merciless overlord.

Being the lowest tier of difficulty out of Archdaeva instances, this instance was generally ran for EXP and gear to disenchant. It was originally a 6-player group instance, but was adjusted into a 3-player version with drastically decreased difficulty with the 5.8 update. In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

As the access to the regions at the base of the Tower of Eternity is gained, several fragments of the Tower were found, laying on the ground, due to the Cataclysm. However, much like artifacts, they remain active, altering their surroundings. Specific ones are powerful enough to distort space and create corridors leading to neglected places.

One of those facilities was the abandoned test chamber, which holds the forceful presence of the <Desecrated Ifrit>, an ancient elemental spirit which was corrupted by the strong Aetheric energy expelled from an artifact which she holds and controls. As a result, Daevas have made their objective to infiltrate the chamber and put an end to that threat. Nonetheless, the unstable rifts in Iluma and Norsvold are still completely unpredictable to them.

Walkthrough Edit

Players will zone in to the Arachne Infected Library, a small room swarmed with <Test Subject Hatchlings> and <Test Subject Sheluks>. While easy to take out, their skillset includes Tremor npc <Web>, which will paralyze a target. In order to proceed to the following room, the group must exterminate the <Blood-swollen Arachne>, a slightly more powerful version of the mobs in the section.

With the way to the Laboratory Proper open, players will be greeted by new and more resilient enemies, including <Gargoyle Kirrus>, <Living Statue Golems> and <Aether Encrusted Titans>. The key monster in this area is <Galateia the Living>, easily killed. With her dead, the way to the final section of the instance will be open. Additionally, she may sometimes drop a Key 001 <Blood-Sealed Treasure Box Key>, which is used later on in the run.

Connecting to the Elemental Athanor, a small corridor ends up in an interactive door which will teleport the group to the boss room. To summon the boss, players are required to interact with the crystals at the same time. <Desecrated Ifrit> will then spawn. Her attacks are simple and should not be difficult to deal with. If not killed within 5 minutes, the boss will enrage. Macro type 1 <Flame Smash> will deal damage on nearby enemies and Macro type 1 <Screaming Stone> a short range AoE.

She will also use Macro type 1 <Summon Elemental>, summoning two spirits on opposite corners of the room. By themselves, they will blind, silence, stun and deal damage on players. However, after a certain amount of time, the boss will order the spirits to explode by casting Incandescent Blow I <Spirit Explosion>, dealing damage on targets in the room. Nearing the end, Macro type 1 <Screaming Stone> will be used five times in a row sometimes during the fight. To avoid damage, group members may run away from the <Desecrated Ifrit>. Stronger groups may take the damage and proceed focusing on the boss.

Once the boss is dead, they may loot its corpse for a random piece of the Adma mythic PvE set. Each member will get a chest with eternal gear, as well as a Dimension Stone Bundle and Supplements.

Additionally, a <Blood-sealed Coffer> will spawn, which can be opened by using the Key 001 <Blood-Sealed Treasure Box Key> dropped from <Galateia the Living>. The chest will reward either a Galateia&#039;s Dress <Galateia's Dress> or Galateia&#039;s Hairpin <Galateia's Hairpin>, both appearances items. Once done, players may exit from the rift that spawns in the middle of the room.

Quests Edit

Bobonerk's Agency

These are high XP rewarding quests (90m XP) which are given out by Bobonerk, only requiring to kill the last boss. By completing the quest associated with this instance, the one related to Drakenseer's Lair will be unlocked. These are unlocked by completing the quest related to Adma's Fall.

Rewards Edit

Desecrated Ifrit
Key Mobs
Blood-sealed Coffer

Bandits of Greed Edit

Bandits of Greed will sometimes appear in this instance. They spawn in the Arachne Infected Library, the starting room, in front of the door next to the <Blood-swollen Arachne>. They disappear after some minutes if they are not attacked. Once attacked, it will attempt to run off and despawn. If killed, they will drop a bundle for each group memmber, which will be automatically opened when picked up.

Trivia Edit

  • The ambient is identical to the one from Theobomos Lab.
  • The instance deals identical mobs and set up to the special version of the Theobomos Lab instance only available in the "Master Server" available only on certain regions.
  • As part of the Landing Reinforcement System, this instance is accessible without restrictions from the faction's landing in the Upper Layer.

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