You discovered a letter detailing the Lepharist Revolutionaries' plan to weaken the Aetheric Field. Take it to Spatalos and warn him of the danger.

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To obtain this quest, read <The Bandit's Letter>. This is found in Belbua's Farm in the house near the river where <Cavil> resides. The document is pinned to the wall to the right of Cavil when you enter the house. Double-click the letter to start the quest.

Bring the letter that appears in your inventory to <Spatalos> in Verteron Citadel to collect the reward.

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(A slightly faded piece of paper is pinned to the wall by a sharp knife. Looking closely reveals something alarming:)
"...the diversion should allow sufficient time. We'll infiltrate the Observatory and, if all goes smoothly, we'll be able to weaken the Aetheric Field itself. Let us not falter now. We must overcome the obstacles ahead if our dreams are to be realized."
(This has to be taken to Spatalos, General of Verteron Citadel!)
1 "Spatalos needs to know about this!"

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"You have been to Belbua's farm, then?
Keeping tabs on those Lepharists has proven harder than we thought. They hide their movements well, and we haven't yet successfully infiltrated.
Sanctum wants to know why they are there, though, so we can't just kill them outright. What have you got there?"
1 "You should read this..."
"What's this say? Oh no! We underestimated their capabilities. Their intentions. Everything. Why plan to weaken the Aetheric Field? Are the Lepharist Revolutionaries in league with the Balaur?! I must send word to Sanctum. Thank you for everything you have done, [Player Name]. We are indebted to you. I insist that you take this."

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You discovered a letter from the Lepharist Revolutionaries in Belbua's Farm. It contained a detailed plan for weakening the Aetheric Field while others ran a diversion.

Realizing that it was a conspiracy to put Elysea in danger, you reported to Spatalos about the discovery. He thanked you for your vigilance.

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