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Wriggots suck the sap out of the trees and Elim around the Holy Ground, killing them slowly and painfully. Kill Wriggots and bring their villi to Elote.

Quest Information[]


  • Kill Wriggots and bring back the Wriggot Villi as proof.
<Wriggot Villi> (0/5)

Basic Reward[]


The Wriggots are nearby. Kill enough <Violent Wriggots> to gather 5 Wriggot Villi and return to <Elote> with them for a reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"The trees, they...are screaming!
Every day more are sucked dry...and consumed. Each morning, as the birdsong fills the glades, their shrieks grow weaker.
Soon they will fall silent. The trees...fall still and wither away before our very eyes."
1.png "Why? What is happening here?"
"The Violent Wriggots have come.
A product of the Cataclysm...they attack the trees...even the Elim, for our sap. Their jaws are strong, and our defences[sic] falter.... Trees are easy prey for Wriggots.
We need your help, [Player Name]."
1.png "What can I do?"
You must kill the Violent Wriggots that devour our home.... Only then may we blossom...only then will our survival be assured.
Time is running out. We have...only a short while before...winter approaches, and we...enter our slumber. If the Worms remain...we will never awaken.
Will you aid us, friend?"


You are a true friend of the Elim!
These Wriggots...they think they are masters of these Holy Grounds. Show them what it is to be afraid, Daeva. Cut them down, and when...your reaping is done, bring me the Wriggot Villi."
X.png "I will, Elote."


"We are scorned...betrayed, those who we counted as friends!
If you are certain, then leave. I fear we may not...see one another again.
There is still time, Daeva. I hope you change your mind."
X.png "We'll see."

Reward Dialogue[]

"You have returned, my child.
Have you...the Wriggot Villi I asked for?"
1.png "Is this what you wanted?"

Failed Item Check[]

The forest weakens every moment delay, [Player Name]. Stop their suffering. You must...kill the Violent Wriggots!"
X.png "I will."

Successful Item Check[]

" is done. The Wriggots dwell in the...icy belly of Death.
You have secured our future! We owe...more than we can repay. Know that no tree shall ever...obstruct your path. Wherever wind blows, every tree shall sing...your praises.
Thank you...."


Trees of Miraju's Holy Ground were dying because of the Wriggots.

You slaughtered many Wriggots, taking their villi as proof. Elote thanked you, and you have the eternal friendship of the Elim people.

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