The Veilenthrone is a 18-person alliance instance introduced in 6.5 for players of level 80 and above. It is accessible from Lakrum Fortress in Lakrum for the faction which captured the fortress, while the opposing faction will have to access it from their fortress outpost. This underground temple stores a variety of Jotun artifacts, but they all fall behind compared to the Genesis Relic.

This instance is source of the Arctic Bitter, Frigid Bitter and Merciless Bitter sets, being the main appeal of this instance. The Bitter set form this instance is a lesser version.

Access Edit

The entrance will change depending on the ownership of Lakrum Fortress. For the faction owning the fortress at the time, the entrance will be available in the middle of the main chamber. Meanwhile, the faction which does not have ownership of the fortress will only be able to access it from their respective fortress outpost in Shaded Pine Forest. Guardian Outpost for Elyos and Archon Outpost for Asmodians.

The instance cannot be accessed if the fortress has been captured by Balaur.

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Backstory Edit

Recent events had caused the Jotun of Lakrum to notice a heavy and ominous vibe in the region; an omen of a disaster. Despite the Daeva advancement in Lakrum, there is one secluded temple underneath the main fortress, holding a big variety of powerful artifacts forged by Jotun hands. A sense of dread was being emitted by The Veilenthrone. The Daeva forces were summoned and began organising assault forces to discover the Balaur's plans.

To their surprise, the situation within the temple was far more sinister and dangerous than what they had anticipated. Ereshkigal herself had taken control of the Genesis Relic, the strongest relic ever built by the Jotun. None of the legionaries sent there returned. The player is sent there to put an end to investigate.

As the player infiltrates the temple, they meet Hans (E)/Putio (A), one of the previous soldiers sent to the mission. From him, the player is informed of the happenings. Ereshkigal has not claimed the relic yet, but is instead attempting to harness its power through a ritual. Such dark magic requires the life essences of Daevas, funnelled into the relic itself so that the Dragon Lord may gain full access to its capabilities. Making haste, the player ventures through Ereshkigal's strongest generals, to face the Dragon Lord of Ice herself.

As the player enters the chamber, they face Ereshkigal's massive dragon form. While the battle is tough, Ereshkigal realises the player's strength. Running out of options, she decides to proceed with her original plan in a desperate attempt to finish them off. She takes flight towards the relic and, despite not being ready, attempts to handle it. Unfortunately for her, the relic's power is too strong for her to handle, causing her body to weaken. The player then takes the chance and puts her down. Ereshkigal, the third of the Dragon Lords, has fallen, putting down once and for all her devious plans.

Walkthrough Edit

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This is a timed instance, meaning the alliance is given 25 minutes to complete it and will be rewarded accordingly upon doing so. Running out of time will automatically result in Rank F, not rewarding anything to players. In order to attain a proper rank, players will have to defeat <Dragon Lord EreshkigalEreshkigal> before time expires. Depending on the points acquired throughout the instance, the alliance will receive either Rank A or Rank S. Points are mostly determined on the first section of the instance, while the fight against <Dragon Lord EreshkigalEreshkigal> is the final checkpoint.

Requirements Edit

Players are required to have at least a decent amount of Ereshkigal Cubics unlocked. These stats will greatly aid everyone during the battle against Ereshkigal. In terms of group disposition, each one will be required to have a healer as well as an off-healer. In terms of gear requirements, it is highly recommended to have the Ultimate Frostspark set from Primeth's Forge and Infernal Drakenspire Depths.

Generals Edit

The alliance will have 3 minutes to prepare, after which the instance will begin. The objective is to take down the four generals across the map;

For this, the alliance splits into two parties. One will consist of two groups (Group A) and the other of the remaining one (Group B). Both groups will reach Cleric Lord Merav and kill her together. They will afterwards take different routes. Group A will go to the west and deal with Guard Captain Baikunta, and Group B will go north and confront Aether Master Sarashikal. They will both meet in the chamber most to the north and kill Commander Zav, The Brute together. Doing so will unlock the access to the fight with <Dragon Lord EreshkigalEreshkigal>, accessed through a portal in the middle structure of the temple.

There are certain side objectives in this section. Depending on the speed which the generals and normal mobs are dealt with, certain Daeva NPCs will remain alive. If they die (therefore taking too long), points will be deducted from the alliance's score, negatively affecting their final rank. There will also be Ereshkigal Siege Chariot on the way, which will boost the team's score if destroyed.

The other three side objectives are meant to make the fight against <Dragon Lord EreshkigalEreshkigal> easier in different ways. These are all optional, not required to down the final boss. The most simple one is to find across the area Dragon Killer Cannon Box and looting 22px Dragon Killer Cannonballs from them. These cannonballs can be used during the last fight on the siege weapons which appear on the back side of the platform away from <Ereshkigal>, inflicting considerable damage against her. There are six Dragon Killer Cannon Box in the instance with specific spawn points.

The second objective consists of freeing two named Jotuns. First, the team must head to the Frostchain Prison on the northeast corner of the map. From there, they will have to defeat a Ereshkigal Drakan Jailor and loot from them the 22px Frostchain Prison Key. This will allow them to free the first Jotun; Zarba, located on the Freezing Prison on the west side of the map, only accessible by going to the Sanctuary Entrance, taking down the Balaur barrier on the path to the left and following the road. By interacting with Zarba, the player will be given a 22px Veilenthrone Revival Stone, required to free the second Jotun. The alliance must travel back to the north section of the map and access the Sanctum of Grief. The player in possession of the 22px Veilenthrone Revival Stone must interact with the Cursed Veilenthrone Statue, releasing Arbo's Soul. Arbo's Soul will join the alliance in the fight against <Ereshkigal> and aid them during the battle.

The final objective is to access the Limatta Shaft, an underground mine and collect 22px Lym Crystals from the Greater Lym Gemstone laying around. 22px Lym Crystals are to be used on the Veilenthrone Annihilator, a deactivated petralith in the Concealed Sanctum, a small chamber on the northeast of the map. The Veilenthrone Annihilator will aid the alliance against <Ereshkigal>.

Ereshkigal Edit

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Rewards Edit

Brilliant Veilenthrone Treasure Case (Rank S) Veilenthrone Treasure Case (Rank A)
Arctic Bitter/Frigid Bitter/Merciless Bitter set Arctic Bitter/Frigid Bitter/Merciless Bitter set
Bitter set Bitter set
22px Transformation Contract Box 22px Transformation Contract Box
Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone <Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone> Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone <Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone>
Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone <Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone> Reward Sack Bronze <Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle>
Reward Sack Bronze <Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone Bundle> Brown sack <Grade A-B Minium Bundle>
Brown sack <Grade A-B Minium Bundle> 22px Ereshkigal's Small Safe
22px Ereshkigal's Large Safe Major Minion Contract <Hamerun Minion Contract>
Charming Minion Contract <Modor Minion Contract> Major Minion Contract <Abija Minion Contract>
Charming Minion Contract <Sheba Minion Contract> Major Minion Contract <Saendukal Minion Contract>
Charming Minion Contract <Viola Minion Contract> Major Minion Contract <Karemiwen Minion Contract>
Charming Minion Contract <Kromede Minion Contract>
Charming Minion Contract <Hyperion Minion Contract>
Major Minion Contract <Hamerun Minion Contract>
Major Minion Contract <Abija Minion Contract>
Major Minion Contract <Saendukal Minion Contract>
Major Minion Contract <Karemiwen Minion Contract>

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Trivia Edit

  • The name of the instance means "Throne of the veil". The "veil" being the protection around the Genesis Relic. Reason why the final chamber is called Veilengaze, a platform from which the relic can be guarded.
  • It is the first alliance instance to feature a limit of 18 players (3 groups) rather than 12 or 24 (or greater).
  • The instance is referred to as "idef7_ere" in files.

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