Virago Looters captured a Tripeed wagon. Teach the Viragos a lesson to prevent future attacks.

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After getting the quest, go south down Alsig Village Road, and Kill five Virago Looters. Return to Mirka in Alsig Village to get your reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name]! I need you. I'm going crazy handling the local's wildlife, and now the Viragos...they've hijacked a wagon-load of Tripeeds!
Nobody was seriously hurt, but they took the whole delivery for the Fortress.
What scares me is that I don't see why. They can't eat them, they're poisonous."
1 "So they're up to something."
"Anyway, we can't let this go. This was a small load, not a big loss. But if this is just the start?
I need this stopped. But as you know, my Archons are all on animal control. And I don't expect Human Watch members to handle Viragos.
But you could easily beat down a few Virago Looters."

Accept Edit

"Good. This isn't the front lines. These folks aren't used to combat. Your presence will reassure them.
Stop the Virago Looters."
X "Count on it."

Decline Edit

"Aion's stump, [Player Name]! I thought you and I were true soldiers!
My mission here's in jeopardy. I thought you understood that.
Well, get out of here. I need to think..."
X "I have my own mission."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome back, soldier.
How're those Virago Looters?
I'm still trying to figure what they wanted."
1 "They got the hint."
"That's a weight off my shoulders. I knew I could count on you, [Player Name].
Well, it's back to the other six crises I'm juggling.
May the protection of Azphel be with you!"

Summary Edit

Virago Looters hijacked a wagon full of Tripeeds on its way to the fortress. Mirka asked you to teach them the error of their ways.

You eliminated the Virago Looters as she requested so she could focus on more mundane crises.

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