As Moofrenerk suggested, find Gestanerk and get information about Haramel.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 36,000 XP

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, continue progressing through Haramel until you get to Gestanerk in the Skylift area. Talk to him to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Moofrenerk tell what you want to know now. Odium gift was a sign of goodwill, nyerk.
Daeva keep Moofrenerk and brother out of prison, yes? We help Daeva, and Daeva help Shugos? We promise to never touch bad Odium again, nyerk. Never ever."
1 "Tell me about Gestanerk!"
"Hmmm. Gestanerk is member of the Meniherk Excavation Union. But just a fancy name for grave robbers, nyerk!
Gestanerk has a special gift to alter soft Shugos and Dukaki. Make them do whatever he wants. Daeva called Hamerun found out about this and made Gestanerk an offer he could not refuse.
Gestanerk just supervisor, though. Hamerun is the big boss. Never seen him, though...maybe bossing on the upper floor. Hamerun bad, bad Asmodian. You find him, yes?"

Accept Edit

"Shugo and Daeva are square now, yes? And Shugo brother, too, yes? You find Hamerun, we are a clean plate, nyerk.
If Daeva pass through Haramel Tower and Odella Plantation, then Daeva find Gestanerk in front of the skylift, nyerk.
But remember...Gestanerk is only an errand Shugo...not big boss. Shugo is mean but not wicked, nyerk."
X "I'll go easy on him."

Decline Edit

"Daeva is not going to meet Gestanerk? Moofrenerk say all Moofrenerk can say about him.
Daeva do what Daeva wants to do, nyerk. But deal with Moofrenerk still the same. We are square now. Daeva has nothing on Moofrenerk."
X "Yeah, we're square, Shugo."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What does Daeva want with Gestanerk? I am just an employee, nyerk! Gestanerk just make Odium and Odella like told!
Gestanerk knows nothing about...illegal manufacture of goods. Knows nothing, nyerk! Gestanerk never touched dirty goods!"
1 "You were ratted out, Shugo!"
"Who ratted Gestanerk out? Will kill th....
All right, all right, Daeva! Gestanerk ready to cut a deal for leniency, nyerk. If I talk, I Gestanerk just a small fish in a big pond.
If it gets out Daeva and Gestanerk are talking a deal, this Shugo is a dead Shugo! Give Gestanerk handshake deal, and will talk real pretty."

Summary Edit

Moofrenerk was pleased with the Odium you gave him, and he told you everything he knows about Gestanerk and Haramel.

You located Gestanerk and interrogated him. He knew the jig was up, and he cut a deal to exchange information for leniency.

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