Report your mission results to Guheitun.

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Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Vandar to receive the quest. Take the report to Guheitun located back along the road towards Aldelle Basin and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"The Sprigg situation is well in hand now. Smell their burning huts!
You seem to be back to full strength, and I don't need you here for cleanup.
Head over to Guheitun's Tent. Tell Guheitun that the Spriggs are fleeing our wrath."
1 "No problem."
"Good. Now, hurry and meet with Guheitun.
Oh, one other thing: Avoid mentioning your collapse, eh? It'll only make Asak and me look weak for waitin' for you."

Accept Edit

"To get to Guheitun's Tent, simply follow the path to the north. The camp is downhill at the northern bend.
And hurry! If you report late to Guheitun, we'll all suffer the consequences."
X "I'll go now."

Decline Edit

"I should have known better...
Should have known better than to slow down for a weak bandit such as you. Should have known better than to break the Asmodian Code about stragglers.
Get out of here before I finish you myself!"
X "I'm leaving."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Greetings, [Player Class].
I assume Vandar sent you. News to report, I hope.
Well? Are they dealing with the Sprigg problem up there?"
1 "Many Spriggs have been killed."
"Very good.
Normally, the Spriggs are just a nuisance. But it seems their nerve grows as their numbers do.
They aren't exactly a challenge for Ulgorn Raiders like us, but that doesn't mean we can afford to ignore them.
While you're here, I believe Vanar needs help with a job or two."

Summary Edit

You went to Vandar after defeating the Spriggs, and he told you to report the results to Guheitun.

Guheitun was pleased with your work and suggested you approach Vanar for further work in the Aldelle Basin.

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