Kales asked you to catch some of the <Grain Snufflers> infesting his farm and bring him their tails.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Bring Grain Snuffler Tails to <Kales>.
<Grain Snuffler Tail> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Kales to receive the quest. Acquire 3 tails from the Grain Snufflers located in the nearby fields. Once completed return to Kales and give him the tails and report to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Even on a day like today I can't help but feel miserable. I've even been thinking of giving up on farming altogether.
Oh, you must be one of the mercenaries we commissioned. Maybe you can help me..."
1 "What's wrong?"
"Well, in addition to the Kerubs, there are Grain Snufflers tearing up my fields and keeping me from my crop! Soon I'll have nothing left.
I'm sure a skilled [Player Class] like you would have no trouble clearing them out.
Could you? Trust me, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't desperate."


"Thank you so much!
Please hunt three Grain Snufflers and bring me their tails. My fields need harvesting, so the sooner these pests are gone, the better.
You're my only hope, [Player Name]".
1 "Leave it to me."


"You won't help?
I was warned by some of the others not to trust mercenaries. Do I not have enough Kinah? Would you rather I beg?
Forget it! I'll try to do it myself. I just hope I live long enough to tell my cousin about this."
X "Whatever you say."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hey, you're back already?
Do you have the Grain Snuffler Tails?"
1 "Right here."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Please, [Player Name], this no trivial task. My livelihood depends on your efforts.
I really need those Grain Snufflers caught."
X "I'm only getting started."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Oh my!
Look at how plump those pests got from eating my crops!
That's four fewer problems to deal with today. Please, take this reward for your work. It's not much, I know, but until I get to market it's all I can spare."


Kales asked a personal favor of you.

You got rid of the Snufflers stealing grain from his farm, and brought him their tails.

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