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A Shugo named Uikinerk from Pandaemonium is looking for you. Follow Uikinerk who is said to have gone to the Anair Harbor, Kurngalfberg Ice City, and Glacier Peaks.

Quest Information[]


  • Find Uikinerk.

Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 627,800 XP


After getting the quest, open the World Map. There will be a quest marker on the map for Uikinerk. Go to the location, and talk to him to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"By the way, is your name [Player Name], [Player Class]?
It is? Well, I'm glad I asked.
A very odd Shugo named Uikinerk has been looking for you. He seemed very anxious to find you."
1.png "Who's Uikinerk?"
"Supposedly, he's a Shugo from Pandaemonium with something to deliver to you, but I don't know for sure.
He waited a few days in the Beluslan Fortress, then left to search for you."


"Uikinerk said he was going to Anair Harbor from Glacier Peaks via Kurngalfberg Ice City, so you can check those areas.
He speaks with a strange accent and wears a monocle. He had a sidekick with him.
I hope you can find him."
X.png "I'll do my best."


"It seemed quite important. Are you sure you won't look for him?
He didn't say so, but I got the impression he'd been sent by some big shot in Pandaemonium."
X.png "I'll think it over."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Brrrr! Is everywhere in Asmodae this blasted cold?
Just snow, snow, snow, as far as you can see!
That Daeva [Player Name] must be around here someplace!"
1.png "Are you Uikinerk?"
"I am Uikinerk...but how did you know my name?
Wait, are you [Player Name]? Oh!
I mean...this humble Shugo is Uikinerk...nee-urk! Nee-urk!"


Fortress Guard Epa said that a Shugo with an odd accent named Uikinerk was looking for you.

Epa told you that Uikinerk might have been sent by a big shot in Pandaemonium, so you followed the path that Epa told you about and managed to meet Uikinerk.

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