Gyabrunerk knows that you need the fragments of the stone wall. He told you he'd give you them if you'd kill the desert creatures that have been attacking Shugos.

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After getting the quest, head out into the Western Eracus Desert. Kill <Desert Caltrops>, <Ancient Caltrops>, <Dune Amphas>, <Wasteland Amphas>, and <Rotting Gnarls> to a total of 20 mobs. Return to Gyabrunerk to collect the reward. NOTE: this quest now rewards all four of the Wall Fragments with one turn in.

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"Daeva is looking for something? Yes?
Gyabrunerk is sure he has what Daeva needs.
New special important item. Gyabrunerk hears through doors that Daevas of the Golden Bough Legionary think item is much value. Doors here not as thick as Daevas think. Akakak!"
1 "What is the object?"
"Gyabrunerk is not tale-tell Shugo, but...item is engraved fragment. Very rare. Say no more. Can, but will not! Akakakak!
All Shugos know, when negotiate, must not give all away too soon. Timing is very important."
1 "What are you nattering about?"
"Want to know more? Yes?
Through door...did mention doors very thin in Golden Bough Garrison, yes? Through door, Gyabrunerk hear Daeva seeks engraved Wall Fragments? Yes?
If give pretty Wall Fragments, will Gyabrunerk earn favor from Daeva?"

Accept Edit

"Many many Shugos around here--mine, excavate, listen.
Mostly, live like ghosts. Stay quiet, stay out of trouble, hear much...and all is good. But lately, Desert Ambushers attack when they see Shugo! Nyerk, nyerk!
Shugo taste bad, but they not care! If Daeva get rid of Desert Ambushers...Gyabrunerk will make gift of Wall Fragment."
X "Consider it done."

Decline Edit

"Oh, rumors not right? Gyabrunerk so sure that Daevas would want Wall Fragment.
If you say not, then not.
Low profit in doing business with Daeva who not want product for sale."
X "Faith and arms, fuzzy one."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Have you killed the nasty Caltrops, Ampha, and Gnarl? Such a menaces to all Shugo!
I should verify kills...but Daeva would not lie to fuzzy, little Shugo? No?"
1 "Of course not!"
"Thank you Daeva! Shugos are now free! Free to walk the desert and not be lunch.
Here are fragments. Use them well, nyerk."

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For some unknown reason, Gyabrunerk possesses stone Wall Fragments. He said he'd give you the fragments if you'd do him a favor.

You killed the menacing desert creatures, and he gave you the fragments as a reward.

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