<Ulgorn> asked Bacorerk to polish his inventory cube. To polish the cube well, he needs the finest oils, obtainable from Slinks. Kill <Web Slinks> living near Tunapre Lake to get the oil.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Bring Slink Oil used to polish cubes to <Bacorerk>.
Yellow water <Slink Oil> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Bacorerk (the Cube Artisan in Aldelle Village) to obtain quest. Kill Web Slinks and collect 5 Slink Oils. Go back to Bacorerk, give him the oil and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Come closer, [Player Name]!. Bacorerk has a job for you!
I am a cube maker. Ah yes! The magic cubes I make are used by everyone to store their items and treasure! They are bigger on the inside than on the outside! Very important! Akakak!"
However, Bacorerk doesn't just make cubes-- I also repair old cubes to restore their luster and beauty! Even the boss has given me his cube to repair! Very important job!"
1 "That's nice..."
"Don't be rude, raider!
Your boss has a beautiful and intricate cube. For me to properly clean it, I'm going to need the highest quality oils I can get my paws on. Highest quality!
I need you to get me the oil! You!
Rudely refuse me, and Bacorerk will make sure Wise Ulgorn knows why his cube looks drab. Akakak!"
1 "Don't threaten me, Shugo!"
" No, no, a thousand nos!
Bacorerk did not mean it, Brave [Player Class]! merely want the cube to be as lustrous as possible! Akakak!
Need Slink Oil. Slinky Slinks are near Tunapre Lake.
Please help me, [Player Class]. No way a tiny Shugo like me can hunt a Slink! Bacorerk would have trouble with a Qooqoo!"

Accept Edit

Remember, Kind [Player Class], the Slink Oil can be found only by hunting the Web Slink near Tunapre Lake. yes, yes, a dozen yeses!"
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"Nyerk! Tired of rude raiders!
Boss promised to make raiders treat Bacorerk with respect! Promised, he did!
Do as he says, or Bacorerk will tell <Tobu>!"
X "I'm not afraid of you..."

Reward Dialogue Edit

Back so soon, [Player Class]? no trouble getting the Slink Oil, I hope? The boss is asking Bacorerk how work is progressing!
Please, give the oil!"
1 "Here's all the oil you need."
I see that you are a most reliable raider!
I'll use the oil to make the cube as beautiful as it was when it was created. Then... promotion! Akakak!
Here's your reward, [Player Class]. It's not much, but boss did not pay much--I promise!"


Bacorerk asked you to obtain the Slink Oil for him so he could polish the old inventory cube entrusted to him by Ulgorn.

You killed Web Slinks near the Tunapre Lake and brought the oil to the Shugo.

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