Order: Strange Aetheric energy is emerging from the Artifact in the floor of Eracus Temple Cavern. Go investigate the Artifact.

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  • Search the Eracus Temple Cavern.
  • Talk with <Actaeon>.
  • Investigate the whereabouts of Priest Philipemos.
  • You found the diary. Report to Actaeon.
  • Find the Torn Pages of the diary and bring them to Actaeon.

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Temple Artifact location

The quest automatically appears at level 29. To find the artifact, go to Eracus Temple Cavern to the lowest level (see map). Interact with the artifact. Talk to Aceteon in Kyola Temple Entrance, then go inside the Temple. Philipemos's Corpse is in the first room. Interact with the corpse to get <Philipimos's Diary>. Talk to Actaeon, then find the missing pages. Page 28 drops from a <Shadow Bloodwing>, page 31 from an <Inflamed Temptress> and page 33 from a <Shadow Obscura>. With all three pages in inventory, talk to Actaeon again. Head to Eltnen Observatory and speak to Dionera. Go to the back of the observatory and Hippolytus will spawn. Kill him and talk to Dionera to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Why did you come to me? Found something of historical significance?
As an archaeologist, I'd like to see anything unusual. Even an oddly shaped rock can be fascinating to me."
1 "I met an Artifact Protector, who said..."
The Shadow is endangered? And you can find the whole truth if you find the missing person?
Philipemos didn't just abandon his position! I knew it!
Who's Philipemos, you ask? A priest wise in archeology and geology. He volunteered to investigate the Kyola Temple while he was managing the Mystic Spring here. But then..."
1 "What happened to him?"
"We don't know, but when I got here, the Mystic Spring was dried up and Philipemos was gone.
I contacted the Temple of Life. They dispatched <Sirink> to take care of the Mystic Spring. Together we looked for Philipemos, and eventually found his boot at the entrance of the Kyola Temple.
But we didn't dare go inside the temple. There are...bad things in there, and we're not warriors. [Player Name], will you go into the Kyola Temple and look for Philipemos? "
1 "I'll do what I can."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit


Failed Item Check Edit

"I feel terrible, not knowing whether Priest Philipemos is dead or alive.
And whatever happened to him could happen to us, too. Please find out his fate. And may light guide your path."
X "And yours."

Successful Item Check Edit

"It''s...Philipemos's Diary?
So he is dead, then. When he volunteered, I'll bet he didn't know how dangerous Eltnen could be.
But this diary might lead us to his cause of death."
1 "How so?"
"Didn't you look through this? Philipemos wrote down in detail what he observed in the Mystic Spring.
Look at this part in the middle...A peddler called Hippolytus? Why would a peddler come to the Observatory? Not much business there.
And the most recent entries are all torn out! They must have said something important..."
1 "Why would Philipemos do that?"
"Perhaps he didn't. Look how roughly it's torn--it could have been animals.
Many Bloodwings, Obscuras, Temptresses, and Skyrays live in the cave. They could have torn up the diary for nesting material.
If you go back to the Kyola Temple, perhaps you can find the three Torn Pages that are missing."
1 "I'll find them."
"Did you find those Torn Pages? While you were gone, I read the rest of the diary.
This Hippolytus character seems really suspicious to me..."
1 "Here they are."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You haven't found them yet? Without those missing pages, I can't uncover the cause of Philipemos' death.
I can't give up. Don't you give up either!
The Torn Pages must be somewhere in the Kyola Temple."
X "Light guide my path."

Successful Item Check Edit

"You found them! Let's see what they say...
Aha! It was the peddler, Hippolytus, who destroyed the Mystic Spring! He stole the Life Bead--the source of the spring.
And he's probably the threat that the Artifact Protector warned you about.
The diary says that Hippolytus was planning to go to the Observatory. We should take the Protector's advice and get rid of him."
1 "What if he's innocent?"
"The proof is here, scrawled in a dead man's hand! Besides, the Artifact Protector cannot lie.
For the security of Eltnen, we should get rid of Hippolytus. But that won't be easy--the Guardians at the Observatory won't just let us kill him.
Ask Dionera for help. She guards the Eltnen Observatory. If you tell her the Shadow commands it, she'll help you."
1 "What does 'the Shadow commands it' mean?"
"Sorry, that must remain my secret for now. But if you repeat it, Dionera will help you.
And if you truly work for Atreia, [Player Name], you will someday learn about the Shadow firsthand.
When that day comes, no one will be happier than I."
1 "I dislike secrecy, but very well."
"Who are you? What are you doing here in the Observatory?
I must check the identity of everyone who comes here. Security, you understand."
1 "I'm here to kill Hippolytus."
"What?! Kill Hippolytus? But he's just an ordinary peddler!
There will be no murder here, Daeva!"
1 "The Shadow commands it."
"I see.
Hippolytus is behind the Observatory.
The other guardians are busy at the moment. Kill him now."
1 "Thank you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Is Hippolytus dead?
Don't tell me why--I don't want to know. But as I think about it, many strange things have happened in the Observatory since he arrived....
But still...this whole time, I thought he was just a normal merchant. Quiet sort, kept to himself."
1 "I'll be going now."
"Perfect. We've avenged Philipemos and gotten rid of one sinister character here in Eltnen.
Oh, there's one more thing. Don't tell anyone that you killed Hippolytus, and don't mention the Shadow's command.
Not that I'm worried. You're no gossip, eh?"

Summary Edit

While you were investigating the strange Aether in Eracus Temple Cavern, the Artifact Protector appeared and told you to deliver to Actaeon a strange message about the Shadow.

On hearing this, Actaeon asked you to find the whereabouts of Philipemos, a missing Priest, and then he asked you to find the torn pages of a diary in case they were clues.

The diary showed that a peddler called Hippolytus was responsible, so you went to the Observatory and killed him with the Dionera's help.

Although you did what was asked for, you remain curious about the mysterious Shadow.

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