Xenophon believes that Sanctum and its inhabitants must root out the Lepharist Revolutionaries before they expand their power. Defeat the Lepharists occupying Belbua's Farm and bring evidence of your deed to him.

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  • Talk with Xenophon, who can be found sitting in a room near the back of the library on the bottom floor. He will send you to Belbua's Farm, where you must kill Lepharists until you find a Lepharist Crest.
  • Note: It can drop off any of the Lepharists at the farm, including the leader, Cavil.
  • Bring the Lepharist Crest back to Xenophon for your reward.

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"Ugh, child! "Who" indeed!
The "revolutionaries" that would destroy us! So ethereal that when you catch a glimpse of them and reach into the darkness, you return with little more than shadows and dust.
I need help, [Player Class].

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