Order: Surt asks you to find the passage to Adma Stronghold and see what still lies inside.

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After talking to Surt in Baltasar Hill Village, head out the north door out of Baltasar Hill Village and then go west to The Northweald on the edge of Nahor Lake to talk to Sahnu. Join a group to get the Spirit Drops by killing elite Seafoam Spirits in Alukina's Palace in Beluslan. Return to Sahnu.

Enter Adma Stronghold with a group specifically doing this quest, as only players with this quest can enter the secret passage. Clear to the right once inside Adma Stronghold (quest entrance). Clear through the next three rooms until you see a circular room on your map. Clear towards the circular room and in the center is the suspicious person who is actually called Suspicious Boy. When you are nearing the circular room, there will be a trap in that tunnel that will summon a bunch of zombies, who can chain aggro. Kill the Suspicious Person/Boy, and watch the cutscene.

Alternatively, enter via the front door with a normal group, and work your way to the Suspicious Person.

Go back to Baltasar Hill Village, and talk to Heintz. Find Virkel's Tombstone in the center of the Legend Shrine and click it. Finally, go to Pandaemonium and talk to Sigyn in the Capitol Building.

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"Now that we have the key, we need someone to find the passage and infiltrate Adma Stronghold to see what it's like inside. Thanks to you we know it starts at Old Nahor Castle, but where in the castle is it, and is it still intact?
Reconnaissance is not my unit's strong suit, but you seem to have a gift for it. Will you investigate this for us?"
1 "Of course. For duty and Azphel!"
"Old Nahor Castle is in ruins now. It would have been difficult to find any secret passages even in Lord Lannok's time, but now it's going to be nearly impossible. Luckily, I may know someone who can help.
A Seiren by the name of Sahnu has lived near Old Nahor Castle for years. If anyone knows where the passage is, she does. Of course, whether or not she'll tell you is another matter entirely.
Regardless, do your best to find the passage and get into Adma Stronghold from there. Eliminate anything dangerous you find. When you're done, report your findings to elder Daeva Heintz."
1 "For Asmodae!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Why do you come here, Daeva? What do you want of me?
I know what you are. You speak with flattering tongues, make promises with lying words, then bring your steel and claws to bear when falsehoods fail you yet again.
Go back from whence you came, Daeva, and let my hatred slumber once more. I have no time for your kind any longer."
1 "Where is the secret passage to Adma?"
"Adma? You seek the way to Adma Stronghold, you say?
Lord Lannok took my home. He sang honeyed words to my sister, abused her, and then left her to die. I loathe him. If it will avenge her, I will help you.
The passage still exists, but it is narrow, far too small for a creature of your size. I have an idea, however. Go to Alukina's Palace in Beluslan. There, hunt Seafoam Spirits until you obtain a Spirit Drop. Bring it back to me, and I will tell you what you must do next."
1 "I can and I will."
"So you say. So proud, aren't you? And yet all the feathers in your wings won't offset the feathers in your head.
I have named my price. You must pay it if you want my help. Bring back the Spirit Drops or bother me no more."
X "I will return, Seiren."
"You returned? Your courage truly exceeds your wisdom.
The question is, did you return with the Spirit Drops? I warn you, should you have lied to me, my wrath will be considerable."
1 "I did what you asked."

Failed Item Check Edit

"There is no end to your hubris, is there? How dare you return to me empty handed! No, I can practice restraint. I can be patient just a few moments more.
Kill Seafoam Spirits. Bring the Spirit Drops back to me. Be my willing tool or perish in the effort--I don't care which it is, but I will see one or the other before you return empty handed again. Now go!"
X "As you wish, Seiren."

Successful Item Check Edit

""There might be hope for you yet, Daeva, despite your wretched origins.
Now you lack only the enchantment that will let you pass. Give me a moment, and I will give you what you need.
Shee tek dro.... Cah dae dro.... Mal pae dro...."
1 "What are you doing?"
"So impatient! Hold your tongue, creature, and do not interrupt your betters.
Mal pae dro.... Wae jas dro!
There! take this, Daeva. Much luck may you have with it."
1 "Now, where is the passage?"
"The passage is within the Adma Stronghold's walls. If you have learned any patience at all, you will be able to discover it. The key you hold will open the entrance easily.
To progress down the small passageway, you will need to use this enchantment. It will transform you, my proud Daeva, into...a Ribbit!
Ah yes! Does it hurt your pride? No more than you undoubtedly deserve. Fear not, though. My hatred for you is not sufficient to make it permanent. You will change back the moment you safely pass into Adma Stronghold. Now trouble me no more."
X "May our paths not cross again."
"Welcome, [Player Name]. I've been waiting for you.
Captain Surt told me he sent you to investigate Adma Stronghold. Were you able to find a way in? What did you find?"
1 "It was full of death...."
"The child was Villaire? Villaire, of the Red Sky Legion? How is that possible!? He was dead...dead!
And when you killed--the child--he turned back into himself and a...a seed? Let me get this right--you're saying a seed came out of him?
This is unfathomable. I don't understand...."
1 "What does it mean?"
"Well, if our lore is correct...could the seed have been planted by the Balaur? Lord Beritra could have spread it, allowing the contamination to literally take root. Shades of Aion....
Perhaps the seed used Villaire, turning him back into a child to pass without notice.
I always thought Beritra fell back too easily.... Why did we not suspect...? We must tell the Red Sky Legion. It affects them, too. Report our findings to Sigyn, the Preceptor of Rangers and Assassins. She will want to know."
1 "Blood for blood."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome, Daeva. I would ask what business you have, but I can see from your face you didn't come here to learn a skill.
What is it?"
1 "Beritra used Villaire...."
"What? Villaire? He was one of the best of us...I'm shocked. I can't believe Beritra could infiltrate even the Red Sky Legion.
Lady Triniel should know. When she discovers the fate of her favorite, there will be hell to pay.
Thank you for discovering the source of the contamination. Now that we know, we will have far better luck containing it. You have done Asmodae a great service, Daeva."

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With the key in your possession, Surt asked you to find the secret passage to Adma Stronghold and infiltrate the cursed place. He sent you to Sahnu, a Seiren living near Nahor Lake.

Sahnu used a Waterdrop of Spirit to create Ribbit Essence to help you get through the narrow passage. Once you were inside Adma Stronghold, you found it had been overrun by the undead, and everyone had succumbed. Villaire, a Red Sky Legionary, had become a young child. You were forced to kill him, and when you did a strange seed-like object came out of his body.

You reported the events to Heintz, who explained that Beritra must have been behind it. He surmised that the seed was the source of Brusthonin's contamination. He had you inform Sigyn of all that happened.

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  • Players must complete all the Brusthonin quests to get this quest.
  • The door in the circular room is not an exit. Port out at this point if you're only there for the quest.

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