Thrud got angry that someone scribbled in a rare classic he borrowed from Pandaemonium. Speak with the three people that he lent it to and find out who marked it up.

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Talk to each of the three suspects, who are found within Altgard Fortress. Return to talk to Thrud for your reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Look at this book! I borrowed it from the Temple of Knowledge in Pandaemonium, then foolishly lent it out to my friends. One of them scribbled all over it.
I had to beg the Temple to borrow it in the first place--it's a rare classic."
1 "What will you do?"
"Well, I lent it out to Tulberg, Borender, and Noroia.
One of them must have done it. Why, though? What would be the point?
I don't have time to figure this out. Will you track them down and ask them about it for me?"
1 " I'll find the thief."
2 "I've more important things to do."

Accept Edit

"Thanks. Here, take the book with you.
Show it to Tulberg, Borender, and Noroia, and find out what they know about it.
One of them is guilty, [Player Class]. Find out which one."
X "I'm on it."

Decline Edit

"More important things to do, hmmm?
I suppose you think the classics are nothing but old books, hmmm?
No, no, that's fine. You go on and save Asmodae or whatever you were doing."
X "Shadows guide you."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Judging from the sky, it will be quite cold today.
The best thing on a cold day is reading a book in front of a warm fire."
1 "A book like...this?"
"Ah, “<Treasure House of Knowledge>”! You borrowed that from Thrud, didn't you?
I borrowed it a while ago, too. was so boring I returned it after reading only two or three pages..."
1 "Ok, thanks."
Are you going to read that book right here? You, uh, may want to rethink that choice.
Getting lost in a book works better at ground level. You don't want to forget to flap..."
1 "Does this look familiar?"
"“Treasure House of Knowledge”...Yes, it does. I read that a long time ago.
I learned a lot from it.
These scribbles weren't there when I read it. Scribbling on such a rare classic...shameful!"
1 "Ok, thanks for your time."
"Huh? You need something?
Better be quick. Can't turn my back on these prisoners for a moment or I'll have a mutiny on my hands."
Come on, then! Out with it!"
1 "Erm...this book...I, uh..."
"Ah, that book! That's the book that those idiotic Skurvs scribbled in!
I was busy feeding them, and one of 'em picked it out of my pocket.
I discovered it was missing, then went and took it back. The stupid thing had already marked it up. Didn't eat that night, he didn't."
1 "Ah...well that explains that. Thanks."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you catch up with all three of them?
Do you know who defaced this book?"
1 "I did. You see..."
"So that's what happened.
I can't really blame her if Skurvs are the real offenders. Still, she should have told me.
Anyway, thank you for helping me clear this up. Take this for your time."

Summary Edit

Thrud got angry that someone scribbled on a rare book he borrowed from Pandaemonium. At his request, you spoke with three people who borrowed the book from him.

After chatting with all three, you found out that the prisoners captured in the dungeon had scribbled on the book.

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