<Mijou>, Hephe, and Alfrigh formed a plan together to loot the Odella Plantation. Tell Hephe that you've agreed to join them and check to see if he's finished preparing incendiary devices.

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Talk with Mijou to obtain quest. Find Hephe and speak with him to update quest. Hephe is located in Aldelle Village. Now go speak with Alfrigh to finish up the quest and obtain the reward. Alfrigh is located outside of Anturoon Sentry Post towards the plantation.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Hey, [Player Name], c'mere!
<Derot> thinks I never break the rules, but I've made stacks of Kinah on the side. If you can keep quiet, I've got a job that me and the boys need kept quiet, even from Derot and the boss.
What do you say? Want in?"
1 "Quiet! Derot's standing right there."
"I'll be quiet, but don't worry about Derot. Believe me, he doesn't listen to a thing I say.""
Here in Ishalgen is an Odella Plantation, closely guarded by the Mau and farmed day and night by the Dundun. Hephe, Alfrigh, and I are going to raid it and keep the plunder for ourselves. We could use a fourth body to watch our backs.
I know you've got that cutthroat spirit in you. When I mentioned your name to the boys, none of them had any complaints.
So, to cut a long story short, I'm standing here, you're standing here, and I'm offering you guaranteed plunder for a quick raid. What do you say?"


"First, we need to tell the others you're one of us. I'll talk to Alfrigh; you head back to Aldelle Village and let Hephe know what's up. Make sure he's got the incendiary devices ready too, eh?
One last thing: if he asks you about the weather, say "I don't care for the cold; money warms my heart." Say anything else, and he won't talk to you about the plan.
Hurry up, [Player Name]. We want to get in and get out quickly."
X "Back to Aldelle I go."


"I see. That's quite an attitude you've got there, [Player Name]. I hope reality never intrudes on the amazing dream you must be having.
You can walk away, but if I catch word of you getting loose-lipped about this, I'll bury this blade of mine in your back when you least expect it, understand?
Now go, before Derot starts paying attention to us."
X "In my back? See you around, coward."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

"You come here for anything in particular, [Player Name], or just to look pretty?
Come on now, Don't waste my time. With the weather as cold as it is, I gotta keep moving."
1 "I don't care for the cold. Money warms my heart."
"You're the new member, are you? good. I've heard what you're capable of.
I've got bad news, though. We can't raid the plantation tonight. I don't know whether <Ulgorn> caught wind of our scheme, but he's had me running around, bleeding and sweating, all day. I ain't had a chance to prepare the incendiaries for the raid. We need to wait a few days until things settle back down.
Do me a favor, [Player Name]. Tell Alfrigh that the plan has been postponed. He ain't known for his patience, and I worry that he'll charge into the plantation on his own, even if we don't show up."
1 "Sure thing."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You must be the new [Player Class] I keep hearing great things about!. I'm Alfrigh.
Everything ready? Where are the others?
Come on, [Player Name]! I'm itching to spill some Mau blood and spend some Mau coin."
1 "Plan's been postponed. No incendiaries yet."
"What? No incendiaries?
Well that's that, then. I was looking forward to watching those incendiaries explode, and I suppose I can wait another few days.
You don't think Ulgorn heard something do you? That'd be bad--real bad.
Take this for your trouble. I know you ain't done nothin' yet but I want you to know we're serious--serious about getting filthy rich."


Mijou asked you to help a group planning to raid the Odella Plantation behind the boss's back. You agreed to join the group and went to see Hephe. You told Hephe that you had joined them and asked him if he'd finished preparing the incendiary devices. He told you that he couldn't finish them, so the plan was postponed for a few days.

You told Alfrigh about the delay, who paid you to keep you interested in the job.

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