After reading Namus' diary, you find out that he's deeply in love with a nymph. He seems to believe the nymph will marry him if he steals her feathered gown.
Go to the nymph's pond after dark and steal the gown.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • You found a book that seems to be <Namus's Diary>. You should take it to him.
  • After dark, steal the feathered gown in Nymph's Pond as <Namus> asked you.
  • You've been spotted by the gown's owner! Quickly, run away and meet Namus.
  • You can give the gown to Namus, or take it to <Asteros>, telling them everything that has happened. What will you do?
  • Get your reward from Asteros. (quest reward 1)
  • Get your reward from Namus. (quest reward 2)

Basic Reward Edit

Reward 1 - Asteros
Reward 2 - Namus

Walkthrough Edit

The Diary is a quest item drop from the <Grove Abex>. Once obtained, double click on the diary to accept the quest. Then take the diary to Namus. Head to the waterfall and steal the <Nymph's Dress>. Note - the dress will be there from 7p.m. game time onwards. Players have the choice to return the dress to Namus or Asteros.

If you give the gown to Namus. He will be thankful and give a reward. This will unlock the quest Tango quest icon <An Ax For Namus> [11] in Sanctum.

Optionally, after gaining the gown, you can refuse to give it to Namus. The quest then changes and suggests giving the dress to Asteros instead. Telling Asteros about Namus yields an interesting speech, a better reward than Namus gives, and activates the quest Tango quest icon <A Lingering Mystery> [11] in Sanctum.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

(It's a thick book, with the word "Namus" inscribed on the back cover.)
(Most of the pages are worn and faded, but on the last few are descriptions of a beautiful nymph bathing in a pond.)
(This may be Namus' diary. He probably considers it valuable.)

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Is that my diary? Please, give it back to me!
I thought this was gone for good. I've had it for so long... I panicked when I realized I'd lost it.
Now...I have to ask you..."
1 "Yes, what is it?"
"Tell me, [Player Name]--and please be honest--did you read any of the entries?"
1 "Yes, I did."
"Ah... You've uncovered my secret then.
I used to hear folktales of beautiful nymphs bathing in pools. I always assumed they were just fantasies, created to take our minds off the Balaur, or those cursed Asmodians.
Imagine my surprise when I was out late one evening and saw one myself!"
1 "Really? You did?"
"She was beautiful--a woman so perfect I couldn't take my eyes off her! She stole my heart without saying a word.
I learned everything about them, about her. The stories say that whoever possesses the gown of a nymph can lay eternal claim to the nymph's heart.
But am I worthy of such an honor? I am just a simple woodcutter, not a fantasy hero. I could never complete such a task."
1 "Do you really love her Namus? I could..."
"I do. could get the gown for me? This is a kindness I'll not soon forget!
She only appears only at night and is in some kind of trance when she bathes.
But be careful you aren't seen, [Player Name]. I saw a Worg attack her only two days ago and she ripped the beast apart in seconds!"
1 "You can count on me, friend!"
2 "No, of course not."
"You didn't? Are you sure? Because it looks like someone has left marks on the pages....
It's all right--I would have looked myself. My foolish dreams must have been worth a laugh or two.
It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I've fallen in love with a nymph and have no idea what to do about it."
1 "Tell me more. I only looked at the last page."
Well, I've always heard stories of beautiful nymphs bathing in pools. Imagine my surprise when I was out late one evening, and saw one with my own eyes!
She was beautiful, a woman so perfect I couldn't take my eyes off her! She stole my heart without saying a word.
I learned everything about them, about her. The stories say that whoever possesses the gown of a nymph can lay eternal claim to the nymph's heart. But I could never do that, I'm no hero."
1 "Perhaps I could help you. Do you love her?"
"Oh yes, I do. [Player Name], I'm a sad, lonely man. If you would do this for me, my life would change forever.
You'll find the Nymph's Pond down to the left as you travel along the forest path. I have seen her robes folded neatly on a nearby rock. All you need to do is take them and bring them to me.
Oh, and make sure you aren't seen. Nymphs are known for their strength and I'm sure this one is no different."
1 "Okay, I'll see what I can do."

Decision Edit

"You learned from Namus' diary that he is infatuated with a nymph. He's asked you to steal her robe, but perhaps you should instead hand it to the priest and explain Namus' problems? You decide."
"Soon the gown, and her heart, will be mine.
Oh, it's you! How long have you been here? Ah, it doesn't matter....
Have you brought me the gown? Is that what you're carrying? Please give it to me!"
1 "Here, Namus. I hope you'll be happy." (reward dialogue 2)
2 "No, I don't think so." (cancels decision)
"Hello [Player Name].
Ah, please give me a moment to collect my thoughts.
A good friend of mine just passed by and she was absolutely furious. Something about a thief..."
1 "I have to tell you about a man named Namus...." (reward dialogue 1)
2 "Really? I hadn't heard anything...." (cancels decision)

Reward Dialogue Edit

Asteros - reward dialogue 1
"Oh dear...Namus really asked you to do that? I heard he was lonely, but that doesn't excuse his actions. It does explain my friend's temper though. She was bathing in the Daminu Forest pool and had her clothes stolen.
Of course, she's not a nymph, but in fact a powerful Daeva--if Namus is planning on proposing to her tonight, I hope he's a fast runner....
At any rate, you did the right thing by coming to me, [Player Name]. Here's your reward."
Namus - reward dialogue 2
"It's mine! Finally--it's mine!
Thank you so much, [Player Name]! All my dreams have come true.
All I need to do now is bring the nymph her gown tonight, and we'll be married before sunrise!"
1 "You're welcome, Namus. May your love take wing.""
"Right, I better brush off my best outfit--I want to look my best for the big night!
My dreams have come true, [Player Name], and all because of you. Please, take this reward as a token of my gratitude."

Summary Edit

After reading Namus' diary, you discovered that he's madly in love with a nymph he found one evening.

Namus asked you to steal the nymph's gown and bring it to him. He believed that owning the gown would cause her to fall in love with him.

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