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The Nightmare Circus, also known as Rukibuki's Circus, is an event group instance for players of level 30 and above. Due to being an event instance, it is only available during certain times of the year. In this case, it is only available during the Halloween celebrations which take place around the last weeks of October and the first weeks of November.

Inside the instance, players will fight three bosses and several waves of monsters. Upon entering, all group members will be transformed into a Khum’gom (a bear), limiting the player to use the predesignated skills.

Backstory Edit

Within the many parallel dimensions to Atreia's shattered world, one of them is reigned by Yume, the Queen of Dreams. The Daevas' dimension continually connects with Yume's, but through that bond, Daevas were alerted by Yume's messengers of an upcoming menace native to their world.

A Nightmare, Nightmare Lord Heiramune, had captured Yume and will be able to cross through the dimensional connection and reach the Daevas' domain. To prevent the Nightmare Lord to advance into Atreia and conquer it, Daevas must venture into this new realm and slay him.

Walkthrough Edit

This small map consists of a central zone where Yume is caged which branches into three different paths leading to tents. Group members should divide into three groups; one for each pathway.

While in Khum’gom form, players will be forced to only utilised the given skills:

Additionally, if a player is in possession of the Circus Card: Harlequin, they may use it inside the instance to spawn a Harlequin which they can use to transform them into one. Their attacks are more powerful, meaning being able to finish up with enemies faster. As soon as a player interacts with Yume, enemies will start coming out from the tents, starting the first of the three phases.

As the first phase starts, mobs will start running towards the centre. After all the nightmarish minions are taken care of, <Mistress Viola>, the phase's boss, will appear on the middle path. It is imperative to have cleared monsters, as all group members should focus on taking her out. She only appears during a limited time. f not destroyed on time, she will disappear. If defeated, she will drop bundles containing Key Pieces. However, players should only loot her after all phases are done.


Yume, the Queen of Dreams

As soon as <Mistress Viola> is defeated or despawns, the following phase will begin. <Harlequin Lord Reshka> will pop up. Like the previous boss, he is limited by time and will despawn if not slain on time. When he is engaged, he will summon several mysterious crates surrounding Yume's cell. It is important to move Reshka around in circles smashing his boxes as well as dealing damage on him in otrder not to run out of time. If boxes are ignored, players will have to face several additional monsters, making it very important to destroy the crates and not get overwhelmed by them. Like Viola, if he is defeated, he will drop bundles for groups members and should be avoided to loot them until the encounter ends.

When <Harlequin Lord Reshka>'s fight has ended, the third and final phase will begin; a showdown with the ultimate boss of Nightmare Circus; <Nightmare Lord Heiramune>. Unlike other bosses, this one will not despawn. During the fight, he will summon additional monsters which should be annihilated as they spawn. He will even summon a copy of himself which may heal him, complicating the encounter if completely ignored.

Once defeated, players will be able to loot the bundles containing key pieces from all three bosses. Since they have to be rolled on, most groups opt to each member getting 1 bundle and any additional bundle is rolled on by everyone after everyone has received theirs. If there are any Harlequins in the group, they are usually given the extra bundles out of courtesy.

Rewards Edit

Note: Rewards may vary depending on the instalment of the event and the region it is being hosted on. Check the main website for the rewards listings.

Once player obtain and open their bundles, they may open them for the key pieces they contain. If a player obtains enough fragments to combine them into a key, they may opt to open the different crates which spawn around the central part. Bigger boxes offer greater rewards, but require 3 keys to open; while smaller ones only require 1 key but give out lower tier rewards.

Unused keys and fragments will disappear once the player leaves the instance. Additionally, there are tradable keys obtained through quests or the store which are not effected by this rule.

Prizes vary from special costumes to several supplies, such as enchantment stones, consumables, manatones and more.

Trivia Edit

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