Aprily says that Munmun Skurvs grow Fresh Ginseng, and it should be no trouble to take it from them.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Fresh Ginseng> (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 251,400 XP
  • Kinah 20,200 Kinah
  • Unknown Unknown

Additional Reward Edit

When repeated 10 times

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the Odella Plantations in Salintus Rise to find Munmun Gatherers, Lookouts and Braves. The Fresh Ginseng is a random drop. Return to Aprily when you have obtained 15.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You've seen what a tough land Morheim is. Hard to grow food, hard to eke out a living.
Of course, why should we grow food when we can get others to grow it for us?"
1 "You mean...."
"Take it from them, exactly.
The Munmun Skurvs grow Fresh Ginseng at their plantation, and if they aren't strong enough to defend it..."
1 "...Then they don't deserve it."
"We think so much alike! Would you test the Munmun, see if they are worthy of keeping their crops?"

Accept Edit

"Any Munmun Gatherer, Munmun Brave, or Munmun Lookout should be carrying the Ginseng.
Munmun gatherers will probably have the most, so look out for them.
"To the strongest go the spoils!"
X "They should be no trouble."

Decline Edit

"A Daeva, afraid of rat-men?"
X "Watch your words."

Reward DialogueEdit

"I smell Fresh Ginseng on you."
1 "Take a look."
"Looks like a fine harvest. I can tell we'll have to visit the Munmuns again.
Take this with my thanks. I'll be able to sell a lot of Ginseng, I think."


According to Aprily, it would be easy to take Ginseng from the Munmun.

You defeated the Munmun who farm it and took their Ginseng to her.

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